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An everyday to-do list, plus a couple of tips. So, you've reached level 110 and you are at a loss at what you need to do? Or you are already experienced enough, but still need to f...

5 Things You Should Do Every Day in Legion -

5 Things You Should Do Every Day in Legion -

So, you've reached level 110 and you are at a loss at what you need to do? Or you are already experienced enough, but still need to figure out which of the numerous max-level content activities are worth doing? We've got you covered!

Max-level content can seem daunting at first, since there are a lot more things to do now. However, once you get these things in order and set up a plan, you will see that's it's not difficult to keep up with all (or at least most) of them.

Below, we have a list of 5 activities you should aim to do each day. Obviously, it depends on the type of player you are and what content you prefer to do. The importance of each activity degrades depending on its number, but again it's up to you to decide what you want to prioritise. As you will see, most of these activities are intertwined, meaning one helps the other (or with other content) and/or they work for the same goal.

1. Start Artifact Knowledge research and Order Hall advancements

5 Things You Should Do Every Day in Legion -

Technically not an every-day activity, but still of utmost importance. Even though there are catch-up mechanics for people that can’t play every day, it’s crucial to get started early with both of these things. Artifact Knowledge will increase the rate at which you gain Artifact Power. The first work order will give a 25% increase so, for example, if an item gave you 100 AP before, now it will give you 125. The Order Hall advancements are also important. You can check which ones to pick, as well as the cost of each of them, in our guide.

2. Finish your Order Hall campaign


Again, this won't happen in a single day, but you should get it done as soon as possible. The campaigns for most classes are time-gated, meaning that they mostly require 8- or even 12-hour missions. Some campaigns even require materials. Once you complete your campaign, you will unlock a new skin for your Artifact, two more Champions and an ilvl 830 chest. More importantly, you will get your third relic slot, which will give you a significant item level boost.

3. Suramar: Work on your Nightfallen reputation


When you hit level 110, you will be able to go to Suramar. There, you will work with the Nightfallen, a faction of exiled Nightborne, who are trying to reclaim their city from their traitorous queen, who has allied herself with Gul’dan. Suramar can be a bit challenging for a newly dinged level 110 character, but it is imperative that you start questing there early.

Suramar has a TON of quests, but you should focus on the main storylines that can be found under the achievement Good SuramaritanGood Suramaritan. These quests award reputation with the Nightfallen. It is advised to also do all Nightfallen World Quests (once you unlock them) in Suramar, since it is another means to gain rep with this faction. If you don’t have time for both, do the World Quests first. Lastly, you should run the Withered Army Training scenario once every 3 days. The most effective and profitable way to do this is by taking 20 Withered with you, thus spending 2000 Ancient Mana for it. For that, you will need to work on increasing your Ancient Mana cap. You can learn more about Ancient Mana here.

Why is Nightfallen reputation important? By reaching Friendly with the Nightfallen (and all other factions), you will be able to unlock World Quests. At Honored, you will unlock the main storyline Blood and Wine, which will help you further increase how much Ancient Mana you can hold. At 8000/12000 Honored, the Mythic-only dungeons Court of Stars and The Arcway will unlock. The goal is to reach Revered with the Nightfallen.

4. Do World Quests, but don’t overdo it


World Quests are the new dailies. Once you reach Friendly with all Legion factions (minus The Wardens), a quest will open up for you in Dalaran which will allow you to do World Quests. We already have a guide on World Quests, so here we will discuss which ones you should prioritise. Obviously, you need to always do the emissary. Other than that, here are the dailies you should be looking for:

  • Anything that awards Nightfallen reputation (see point 3).
  • Anything that awards Wardens reputation. The only direct way you can get rep with this faction is by doing their World Quests and Vault of the Wardens. You can learn about other ways in our guide.
  • Anything that awards Artifact Power.
  • Anything that awards gear. The good thing with these World Quests is that the gear rewards scale with your current item level. Therefore, they can offer lucrative rewards for both new 110s and veterans.

The following have lower priority, but you can hunt them down if needed: Order Hall resources, profession dailies that award recipes or Blood of Sargeras. Anything else should be avoided.

5. Dungeons


Nothing special to say here. Dungeons will help you gear up and gain Artifact Power. Normal dungeon queues can take up to an hour for a DPS at max level. You need 810 ilvl to queue for a random heroic. If you want to be super-efficient, you can go full hardcore and do all 8 heroics every day since they award 400 AP each. At the moment, heroic dungeon queues for DPS are around 10-15 minutes. Experienced players should run Mythic dungeons each week and work to unlock the two Suramar Mythic dungeons. You can find some gearing tips at the end of this article.

Have you not had enough yet?!


Here are some other things you can do at max level. Some of them can be done as side-activities, while others will be unlocked in the near future for you.

  • Level your professions. Crafted gear (including trinkets and rings/necks) from primary professions is 850 ilvl, which is currently the highest item level you can achieve (assuming you don’t get a legendary). You should also do your profession quests. Secondary professions have their own activities: Fishing has its very own Artifact, Cooking recipes are unlocked with Work Orders and Archaeology has a questline.  
  • Get your weekly bonus roll (once you unlock the 5th Order Hall advancement).
  • Do the weekly world boss (once they are added to the game). A preview guide can be found here.

Closing tips on gearing up


Let’s face it: getting better gear is one of the end-game goals of WoW and a high priority for a lot of players. When you hit level 110, you should be nearing 800 ilvl. For some reason, the climb to 810 ilvl, when heroics are unlocked, feels exceptionally steep. My advice is to hunt for the World Quests that award gear (4) and do some normal dungeons (5), although queues can take a while. Less steep, but still not easy, is the climb to 820 ilvl, at which point you become good enough to join a Mythic dungeon. Again, keep doing World Quests and farm heroics.

Heroics are worth farming even after you outgear them, since they have a low, yet not negligible chance of dropping Warforged and/or Titanforged gear. After that, you should work on your Suramar dungeons attunement (3); some pretty sweet trinkets drop from there. Completing the Order Hall campaign (2) will help a lot with increasing your item level. Lastly, another solid gearing option is to unlock your Order Hall armor set.

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