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ucabal2 - Beautiful New Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Screenshots Revealed

Coming this year.

A handful of new screenshots from upcoming action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom have been revealed.

Looking like a cross between Dragon Quest and Ni No Kuni, the new screens show off some of the environments players will be exploring in the game.

We first learned about Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom back in 2014, where we described it as "Zelda action meets kung-fu combat."

The game comes from French studio Enigami, and it takes place on the planet Mahera. Players will control Chado and his four companions, taking on quests and engaging in dynamic combat which mixes magic with fighting game mechanics.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is due out in 2016.

Shiness - Official First Gameplay Trailer
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ucabal2 - Beautiful New Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Screenshots Revealed
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