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Mobile Published on April 27th, 2016 |by cinderboy0 Buster Blitz – Slingshot anime mobile game launches in Southeast Asia Buster Blitz, an epic Slingshot Battle mobile game from Ma...

ucabal2 - Buster Blitz – Slingshot anime mobile game launches in Southeast Asia


Published on April 27th, 2016 | by cinderboy


Buster Blitz – Slingshot anime mobile game launches in Southeast Asia

Buster Blitz, an epic Slingshot Battle mobile game from Magic Box Asia, is now ready for download on both App Store and Google Play in Southeast Asia! Players will assume the role of the brave Busters and lead the team to fight against the evil monsters who dwell in the alter-dimensional towers. Players eliminate enemies by shooting selected characters at the opponents to push them off the tower.







Beating the game by sheer force will become harder as the game will challenge the players to plan and exploit the tower floor’s environment and their characters’ unique abilities. Buster Blitz includes a wide array of skills and killer moves that gives players a freedom to build their own skill sets, appealing character designs, and a multi-player mode where players can challenge their friends.


Buster Blitz has received an overwhelming anticipation from players with over 40,000 pre-registration accounts. To celebrate the game’s first month of launch, all players will receive free 10 Magic Stones each day that they login and play. This means everyone can win up to 300 Magic Stones, totally free of charge! More information on Buster Blitz can be found on its official Facebook page.


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