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Youtuber MFPallytime answers the question that some of you might have pondered yourself: Is Overwatch worth buying?We don't mean to ...

ucabal2 | Community Spotlight: MFPallytime answers: Is Overwatch worth buying?

Youtuber MFPallytime answers the question that some of you might have pondered yourself: Is Overwatch worth buying?

We don't mean to trigger anyone, but the Beta period has ended. This is not a lie. The next 2 weeks will take exponentially longer knowing we won't be able to spend our days on the Overwatch servers. Most of the people reading this, being fans of GosuGamers, have probably already preordered the game. But a lot of people's first experiences with the game were either during the Open Beta or haven't even occurred yet.

For those groups of people, MFPallytime has taken the time to put his thoughts into words and a video (accompanied by some very impressive Tracer play). Watch the video below to find out his answer to the proposed question:

If, after watching, you still don't think Overwatch is the game for you then we wish you a good day. If however, MFPallytime has convinced you, then we are more than happy to welcome you to the scene! Now, if only we didn't have to wait till May 24th...

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