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Nukes on bosses, nukes on heroes, nukes just about everywhere-- get acquainted with the newest battleground by watching the pro's play ...

ucabal2 - Dignitas vs. Fnatic Live! Machines of War Showdown on Warhead Junction

Nukes on bosses, nukes on heroes, nukes just about everywhere-- get acquainted with the newest battleground by watching the pro's play on the latest patch!

Watch this showmatch live!

The two top teams in Europe are playing a 5 game series where the winning team gets $1,000 dollars for every game win. That means $5,000 is on the line and, in the case of a 5-0 sweep, one team could walk away with nothing.

Warhead Junction is the battleground of choice and the teams are playing on the brand new patch. That means anything goes (however the newest Zarya buffs are not implemented just yet) and this series is the first competitive showcase of the recent buffs and new battleground.

Things we have learned so far:

  • Malfurion is a very solid support with the latest buffs and Digitnas values him highly.
  • Heroes with global mobility are super poweful on Warhead Junction. Dehaka, Brightwing and Falstad are very strong and even E.T.C is suggested to take Stage Dive.
  • The maps size makes single target ganks very potent. Especially when you can follow up with a quick push using a nuke.
  • Sylvanas may be overprioritized on this map. Sure, pushing is powerful, but it's really about controlling the nukes.
  • The two bosses are powerful and are a big swing point if you manage to capture both. Teams can even use nukes to zone out the enemy looking to steal their boss
  • SGT. Hammer seems to be a highly prioritized hero, as many skirmishes are fought over the stationary Nukes.


And yes, the Nuke does MASSIVE damage to the core:

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Is Sylvanas a weak hero on this battleground?

Yes, no pushing objectives to snowball with
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No, it just makes Nuke pushes even scarier.
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