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A guide to the new Unidentified Lodestone events and achievements added with May 3 Game Update.Contents1 Getting Started2 Ley...

ucabal2 - GW2 Unidentified Lodestone Event & Achievement Guide

A guide to the new Unidentified Lodestone events and achievements added with May 3 Game Update.


  • 1 Getting Started
  • 2 Ley-Line Cartography events

Getting Started

This is a set of 4 new achievements introduced with May 3 Game Update and can be found under General –> Current Events (you won’t see the achievements until you completed them). To start off you will need to acquire an Unidentified Lodestone.

ucabal2 - GW2 Unidentified Lodestone Event & Achievement Guide

Getting Unidentified Lodestone

Unidentified Lodestone have a chance to drop off any of the dragon minion mobs (i.e. Svanir, Branded, Destroyer). I got mine off the Svanir/Ice elementals in Jormabakke Stead in Snowden Drifts but anywhere with these type of mobs will work.

ucabal2 - GW2 Unidentified Lodestone Event & Achievement Guidegw2-unidentified-lodestone-guide-2

Once you have the Unidentified Lodestone, go to Magister Ela Makkay in Lion’s Arch and talk to her to get the Pursuit of Knowledge achievement. This will reward you with 3 AP and a Keg of Liquid Karma (7500 karma).


Ley-Line Cartography events

Ela will direct you to three events in Snowden Drifts, Blazeridge Steppes and Mount Maelstrom. These events are on a 10 min respawn timer.

  • Snowden Drifts – [&BL4AAAA=]
  • Mount Maelstrom – [&BM8CAAA=]
  • Blazeridge Steppes – [&BAUCAAA=]


At first there is an event to defeat the dragon minions before they absorb too much ley-line magic. This event lasts for 2:50. After that is an event to defeat the Coalescence champion, which doesn’t scale well and dies quickly.


If you complete all three events you will get the Ley-Line Cartography achievement, which give you 3 AP and Tome of Tyrian Mastery that grant you a large amount of Tyrian mastery XP


Now there are two other achievements. First is Hold the Line acquired during the first event where you don’t let any of the dragon minions touch the accumulated Ley-line Magic. This is easy if you have a large zerg that kills anything that spawns. The second achievement is to kill 5 of the Coalesence champions which can be done at any of the three events. You do need to spam your skills after the first event as the champions have very low HP.


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