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A hacker only known by the name "Rorylol" compromised private information belonging to Cloud9, Team SoloMid, and other teams, offering...

ucabal2 | Hacker disseminates private team information from TSM, C9, others

A hacker only known by the name "Rorylol" compromised private information belonging to Cloud9, Team SoloMid, and other teams, offering scrim videos for Bitcoins.

Cloud9 coach Bok "Reapered" Han-gyu's Twitter account, now disabled, was compromised on Tuesday by a hacker known only as "Rorylol" in an apparently deliberate effort to damage world tournament preparation efforts for multiple Western teams.

The hack produced a leak of critical private information, including player logins on South Korean servers, chat logs, personal contact information, passport information, and full-length leaked scrims, including matches between Cloud9 and ROX Tigers, a scrim series in which multiple games were recorded, but only one was published for free. The hacker posted one match online, a game which Cloud9 lost, with a watermark listing his contact info, a Skype account and a tor-based email, and an advertisement listing more scrims and information for sale, purchasable via Bitcoin.

At the time of publication, we had reached out to Rorylol via Skype for comment, but received no response.

Cloud9's General Manager Danan Flander issued a statement to ESPN's Jacob Wolf following the incident.

"Our Cloud9 accounts platform is already two-stepped. We are unsure how they have accessed our scrims or Reapered's Twitter. Most, if not all of our accounts, are on two-step. It is mandatory on the Cloud9 accounts platform, but we are not able to enforce it across our social platforms outside of notifying players, staff and personalities about its importance."

It is unclear how the hacker obtained the scrim streams. Multiple parties outside of Cloud9 were compromised, making it likely that the hack was a broadly orchestrated effort that targeted many different accounts. Ultimately, the information was gathered and published on Reapered's social media channel.

Clearly, the most dangerous information does not come in the form of leaked scrims, but rather the private contact information of players who are already in danger of being harrassed. Team Liquid coach Choi "LocoDoco" Yoon-sup's passport information, chat logs between TL players, and phone numbers, emails, and addresses of TSM's current and former players and staff were all published on Reapered's Twitter. 

At this moment, any legal pursuits are still being kept private. Considering the gravity and criminal nature of the leaks, however, it is likely that the repercussions may be serious should the hacker be found.

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