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After almost a month of cutthroat competition it was time to crown a champion. The Overkill Grand Finals did not disappoint as Cloud9 ...

Overkill Grand Finals end Open Beta with a bang on ucabal2

After almost a month of cutthroat competition it was time to crown a champion. The Overkill Grand Finals did not disappoint as Cloud9 and Reunited traded blows in an epic 8 game battle.

The time had finally come to end the beta with a bang.

The long awaited final of the Overkill league did not disappoint as Cloud9 and Reunited clashed in an epic series. The best of 9 final went to 8 games and ran the gamut of competitive maps. The series was back and forth the entire time, with the European and North American squads trading game for game.

Reunited characterized the series with strong and at times desperate defense. The 3rd ranked overall team was able to tie up the series three times off the strength of their stalling, pulling off impressive wins on Hollywood, Dorado and Volskaya Industries. The brick wall defense of the Europeans left Cloud9 without an answer on Hollywood, they were unable to get much farther after capturing the second point. Reunited was able to stall on the last points of both Dorado and Volskaya Industries and on both occasions bought precious minutes which gave their offense the time it needed to win the game, tying up the series on both occasions.

Cloud9, on the other hand, methodically wore down Reunited’s defenses game after game. Off the back of Reavers’ impressive sniping and solid play from Surefour, the 1st overall ranked squad was able to chip away at Reunited’s defenses on King’s Row to secure the win in game 1. The North American squad was able to pull off a strong defense of their own to secure game 3 on Gibraltar and came out on top in a hectic game 5 on Lijiang Tower. Both wins secured Cloud9 a lead in the series.

The rest of the series was all Cloud9, they put on a dominant show on Numbani in game 7 and a strong defense on point B on Temple of Anubis to secure the win and the lion’s share of the $5,000 prize pool.

The top 4 prize pool was broken down as follows:

  • 1st place: Cloud9 $2968
  • 2nd place: Reunited $1484
  • 3rd place: EnVyUs $890
  • 4th place: Luminosity $593

You can catch the VODs of the finals and any other Overkill matches here.

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