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SWTOR 4.0 Vengence Juggernaut Pve Guide written by Roscoe.Contents1 Introducing the Vengeance Juggernaut1.1 Gearing and Stat A...

SWTOR 4.0 Vengeance Juggernaut PvE Guide By Roscoe -

SWTOR 4.0 Vengence Juggernaut Pve Guide written by Roscoe.


  • 1 Introducing the Vengeance Juggernaut
    • 1.1 Gearing and Stat Allocation
    • 1.2 Utilities
  • 2 Cooldowns, Passives and Abilities
    • 2.1 Cooldowns
    • 2.2 Passives
    • 2.3 Abilities
  • 3 Rotation and Priority System
    • 3.1 Priorities
    • 3.2 The Opener
    • 3.3 AoE Priority/Rotation
    • 3.4 Saber Reflect Boss List
  • 4 Contact Info/About the Author

Introducing the Vengeance Juggernaut

Hello, my name is Roscoe (You can also call me Russell or Create). This is my personal take on the Vengeance Juggernaut class. In this guide I will try to show you how I think vengeance should be optimally geared and played for end game content. I hope this can be of help, thank you.

“When embracing the dark side of the Force, vengeance can be a powerful ally. With sustained and ruthless lightsaber thrusts delivered in the lithe Shien form, the Vengeance Juggernaut increases damage without sacrificing defense-an ideal combination of tenacity and viciousness.”

The Vengeance Juggernaut is one of the four melee based DPS advanced classes. While the spec offers no significant advantage over other classes in regards to single target sustained DPS, it excels in AOE situations as well as provides strong defensive cooldowns that allow you to easily cover for tanks in many situations. While the Vengeance Juggernaut is not strictly included in the “viable DPS meta,” (4.6a) if played optimally, it has the potential to clear all the content on every difficulty (It will be difficult to keep up with the other classes especially on any of the last bosses at a nightmare level).

Terms and Phrases to Understand

  • AoE – Area of Effect. When referring to abilities that deal damage to every enemy in a certain area.
  • DOT – When referring to an ability that deals damage over time.
  • Proc – Triggered effects/programmed occurrences.
  • CD – Cooldowns.
  • SR – Saber Reflect.
  • GCD – Global Cooldown


  • Single Target DPS: 7 (10 on fights that you can abuse saber reflect)
  • AoE Damage: 10
  • Rotation Difficulty: 6
  • Utility/Cooldowns: 8
  • Sub 30% buffs or abilities: Yes, Vicious throw can be used outside of its normal proc window.

These ratings are values relevant to other classes, they are subject to change with patches

Gearing and Stat Allocation

There are several ways to gear your character (I highly recommend experimenting for yourself), but I will go over the methods that I use as well as provide approximate stat values that you will want to hover around. These are the stats that have netted me the best results in a raid environment. The values I am listing are based around having best in slot (224) gear.

Stat Priority/Approximate Goals

  • Set Bonus: 6 piece Vindicator
  • Accuracy: As close to 110% Melee and Force accuracy (684 with the 1% companion buff)
  • Critical Rating/multiplier: 1300-1550 (~38 – 40.5%)
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution (A case can be made to use the Boundless Ages relic for very specific situations but it’s not worth wasting a token on unless you have a spare).
  • Alacrity: 800-1000 (~8-10%)

Reaching the Accuracy Cap (684)

Method One (110.18% Melee/Force)

  • Two 224 accuracy pieces/enhancements (Can be earpiece/implants)
  • Two Advanced Accuracy Augment 40’s
  • Advanced Polybiotic Proficient Stim (218 accuracy/90 crit)

Method Two (109.94% Melee/Force)

  • One 224 Accuracy piece/enhancement (Can be earpiece/implants)
  • Four Advanced Accuracy Augment 40’s
  • Advanced Polybiotic Proficient Stim (218 accuracy/90 crit)

Method Three (109.95% Melee/Force)

  • One 224 Accuracy piece/enhancement (Can be earpiece/implants)
  • Seven Advanced Accuracy Augment 40’s
  • Advanced Polybiotic Versatile Stim (218 Mastery/90 Power)

Method Four (110.19% Melee/Force)

  • Two 224 Accuracy pieces/enhancements (Can be earpiece/implants)
  • Five Advanced Accuracy Augment 40’s
  • Advanced Polybiotic Versatile Stim (218 Mastery/90 Power)

I personally prefer to use method one on most of my characters. Many people swear by using the methods that put you slightly below 100% but due to my OCD I like to keep it at the cap. Realistically, you will only miss that one attack once in a blue moon. Either way, the DPS loss/gain is negligible. I recommend using whichever method is the easiest and most convenient based on the gear that you have.

Once you have reached your desired accuracy level (I advise sorting this out first before messing with any other stats), allocate your augments and enhancements to reach the critical and alacrity values that I listed. If you would like to my personal method, I have two 224 accuracy enhancements/pieces, six 224 critical enhancements/pieces, two 224 alacrity enhancements/pieces, two accuracy augment 40’s, four critical augment 40’s, and eight alacrity augment 40’s. This put my character at exactly 110.18% accuracy, 1519 critical rating, 69.86% multiplier, and 920 alacrity (Full 224 gear). Note that I am also using one Hawkeye crystal and one Eviscerating crystal. Know that in 216 or 220 rating gear, you can follow the same guidelines but you will have to most likely substitute an accuracy augment in for one of your critical/alacrity augments to reach the cap (Note that using method one with 220 gear will net you exactly 110% accuracy).


While many of the juggernauts utilities seem to be designed around PvP, there are many you will want to have for almost every boss and the rest should be swapped around depending on the fight. While it would be optimal to change all your utilities based on the boss, I have found a sort of “default” setup that I like to use and I find that it works well in almost every case. I will list it below.

List of Utilities and Their Advantages

SWTOR 4.0 Vengeance Juggernaut PvE Guide By Roscoe - Payback: Reduces the cooldown of Unleash by 30 seconds and causes Unleash to heal you for 10% of your maximum health when used. Can be useful on a fight like Cartel Warlords if you get stabbed by Garr multiple times (Will break his stabbing spree). Generally not worth taking.
SWTOR 4.0 Vengeance Juggernaut PvE Guide By Roscoe - Warmonger: Getting attacked reduces the active cooldown of force charge by 1 second. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Not worth taking on any boss fights.
3409672072_3539350271 Unyielding: You generate 4 rage when stunned, immobilized, put to sleep, or knocked around. Generally not worth taking especially if you take the Deadly Reprisal utility.
948146368_3920412284 Overwhelm: Ravage immobilizes the target for the duration of the ability. This is a PvP utility, it won’t work in any operations.
1879443733_376321230 Path carver: Sweeping slash deals 25% more damage. This utility can be very useful for some bosses where there are heavy amounts of adds, i.e. Draxus/Corruptor Zero/Calphayus/Titan Six/Torque/Commanders.
1207197945_2750951007 Unstoppable: Force Charge grants Unstoppable, granting immunity to movement impairing effects and effects that push or pull you around for 4 seconds. This is mostly a PvP utility, however I find it very useful on certain fights (Specifically HM Revan, you can leap to the boss before a push/pull. With brawn in the talent tree, you can leap to the meatbag droid while you have an HK grenade to resist the knockdown).
1484254198_3262052406 Deadly Reprisal: Taking non periodic area of effect damage generates 1 rage. This effect cannot occur more than once per second. This is a utility that I almost always take. Almost every boss deals some kind of raid wide damage and this utility will grant you excess amounts of rage which will allow you to use your higher damage fillers instead of rage builders.
305194293_1557001594 Unshackling Rage: Activating Enrage purges movement impairing effects and increases your movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. This is another utility that I almost always take. It is a nice short cooldown movement speed increase (Very useful on Underlurker/Brontes during reaches).
3736326763_3495638540 Pooled Hatred: Whenever your movement is impaired, you gain a 10% damage bonus to your next ability that consumes rage. This effect can stack up to 5 times and lasts 15 seconds. Another PvP based utility, can be of some use on Underlurker when adds are spawned but it isn’t required.
3493841430_3350993039 Oppressor: Force Charge, Crushing Blow, Impale, Obliterate, Intercede, and Mad Dash grant Oppressor, which makes your next chilling scream cost no rage and activate with a 0.5 second global cooldown. If used in tandem with Emboldening Scream, it can provide a decent movement speed increase for your allies, but I generally advise against it as your points could be much better spent somewhere else.
749037368_4120776390 Crushing Fist: For the Immortal discipline, smash slows the targets it damagers by 60% for 10 seconds. For the Vengeance and Rage disciplines, Smash and Vengeful Slam sunder the targets they damage for 45 seconds. Sundered targets have their armor rating decreased by 20%. I always take this utility as it is very beneficial for damaging large groups and also can be an alternative to Sundering Assault when swapping to a new target that hasn’t already been sundered.
2597101686_2424918627 Sonic Wall: Threatening Scream protects all allies within range, excluding yourself, granting Sonic Wall, which absorbs a moderate amount of damage. Lasts 10 seconds. I also almost always take this utility. It can provide a moderate amount of raid wide mitigation. Can be useful when you know people are about to take damage.
3394896400_1474685208 Strangulate: Reduces the cooldown of force choke by 15 seconds. This is a PvP utility. It is not necessary at all in operations.
3598923073_116634991 Emboldening Scream: Chilling Scream increases the movement speed of all allies within 8 meters, excluding yourself, by 50% for 8 seconds. Again, can be useful if used in tandem with Oppressor, but I advise against it as utility points could be better spent elsewhere
3382689195_278360974 Seething Hatred: When you exit combat, the active cooldowns of Force Charge, Enrage, and Saber Throw are reduced by 100%. This seems to be more of a leveling/grinding utility. It has no effectiveness in operations.
2137988118_3532955493 War Bringer: Force Charge enables your next Vicious Throw to be used against a target with any percentage of health. Lasts up to 15 seconds. The Destroyer passive in your discipline tree already has a similar effect so I can’t think of many situations where you would ever need this utility in an operation. Maybe a certain situation where you can to switch to an add that needs to be bursted down very quickly and you do not want to rely on the RNG proc. Generally would not advise taking this.
51804449_905413151 Thrown Gauntlet: Reduces the cooldown of Force Push and Intimidating Roar by 15 Seconds. This is another PvP utility. Do not take this in operations.
2619532686_1456484940 Intimidating Presence: Force Charge finishes the cooldown on Disruption. In addition, Saber Reflect lasts 2 seconds longer, and while Soresu form is active, generates a high amount of threat on all engaged enemies within 30 meters when activated. I always take this utility. The extra 2 seconds on Saber Reflect can make a big difference whether mitigating damage or adding to your DPS.
2081878258_2669508478 Through Passion: Reduces the cooldown of Enraged Defense by 30 seconds. In general I do not take this utility as Enraged Defense from a DPS stance isn’t the most effective cooldown to cycle through unless there are emergencies. With that being said, you should not have to take any cooldown reduction as it should not be getting used that much.
3808209028_1482900379 Intercessor: Reduces the cooldown of Intercede by 5 seconds and reduces the threat and damage taken by an additional 10% each for the friendly target of Intercede. Another utility that is more effective in PvP than PvE. While I can see some effectiveness for this on fights such as Warlords (If your comrade gets stabbed by Garr), the difference that it would make would not be substantial enough to justify taking this over another utility.
2324644422_4058713397 Whiplash: Saber Throw immobilizes the target for 3 seconds. A PvP utility. No effectiveness in operations
909947355_2649879790 Consuming Rage: Enraged Defense removes all cleansable effects when activated. In PvE, this utility is very situation dependant. You could try using it on the Dread Council to cleanse your deathmarks, but it would not be reliable as you have to be below 70% health to activate Enraged Defense and the cooldown is too long to cleanse them each set.
3381016915_3623616944 Through Power: Endure Pain increases your movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement impairing effects while active. This is another utility that I take for almost every fight. It is useful for mobility on many fights in this game and can even be used to simply increase your uptime on a moving target.
2006520504_4211047720 Through Victory: Mad Dash can be used while immobilized and purges movement impairing effects when activated. Another PvP based utility that is not worth taking in any operations

My Default Setup


  • Path Carver
  • Deadly Reprisal
  • Unshackling Rage


  • Crushing Fist
  • Sonic Wall


  • Intimidating Presence
  • Through Power

Cooldowns, Passives and Abilities


1107614110_1456558494 Saber Reflect (Dank Reflect 1 min CD): All ranged, force, and tech attacks are reflected back at the attacker. The damage reflected back caps at ~23k. Saber Reflect is an exceptionally strong defensive AND offensive cooldown. I will provide a list further on in the guide with my knowledge of mechanics that can be reflected.
90338043_3708484255 Enrage (41s CD): Generates 6 rage and can be used off of the global cooldown. I advise using this on cooldown and over Sundering Assault when it won’t activate your 2 piece set bonus. This allows you to not have to delay your DoT’s many times.
1382399769_4178367132 Saber Ward (3 min CD): Increases Melee and Ranged Defense by 100% for 2 seconds (With Blade Turning) and Melee Ranged Defense by 100% for 12 seconds, as well as granting 25% Damage Reduction to Force and Tech attacks. This is a good cooldown if you ever have to off taunt a boss/add or if you just need the flat 25% damage reduction.
3544522009_3921957031 Endure Pain (1 min CD): Increases your maximum health points by 30% for a 10 seconds. Also increases your damage reduction by 15% while active. I like to use this cooldown ON cooldown for most fights for the flat 15% damage reduction. Sometimes I will save it for when I know I will take damage so I can let my healers heal the others more than myself.
2081878258_2669508478 (1) Enraged Defense (2 min CD: You are granted with 12 stacks of Enraged Defense, each stack is spent when you take damage and heals you significantly. This cooldown can be life saving in certain situations (Especially when you are taking heavy periodic damage). It is also quite useful if you are tanking an add or a boss and you want to ensure your survival.
2597101686_2424918627 (1) Threatening Scream (45s CD): When activated, this decreases your threat by a moderate amount and reduces the damage you take from area of effect abilities by 60%. This is an excellent cooldown to use when you know that damage is coming. Many of the bosses in this game deal the majority of their damage as AoE damage when you wouldn’t expect it to be (Very useful on brontes orbs and tentacle slams on Terror). Use this ability more as a cooldown than as a threat drop because you won’t be competing too hard in your opener against other classes (Unless you are saber reflecting something).
3533406657_3327671360 Intercede (20s CD): Leaps you at any targeted ally, reducing their damage taken by 20% and reducing their threat significantly. I recommend using this ability primarily for mobility, but there are also a few fights where dropping a specific person’s threat is very useful (Brontes NiM).
3662221775_1009790907 Mad Dash (45s CD): Increases your defense and resist chance by 100% and dashes you forward 20 meters, dealing minor damage to anyone in your path. This is an EXCELLENT cooldown that you can use to sometimes ignore boss mechanics. It is often overlooked due to the difficulty of timing it properly, but if used well, you can completely resist certain attacks (Lightning field/Brontes orbs/Bestia bombs/Vorgoth bombs etc).


  • Bloodbath: Smash and Vengeful Slam spread your bleed effects to all targets they damage, if at least one of your targets is already affected by your bleeds. In addition, Sweeping Slash deals 25% more damage to bleeding targets.
  • Rampage: Shatter finishes the active cooldown on Ravage and generates 3 rage.
  • Draining Scream: Force Scream causes the target to bleed for 1096 internal damage over 6 seconds.
  • Ruin: Reduces the cooldowns of Smash and Vengeful Slam by 6 seconds each, and both abilities no longer consume rage.
  • Ravager: Ravage deals 5% more damage.
  • Vengeance: Reduces the cooldown of Impale by 6 seconds and Force Scream by 6 Seconds.
  • Eviscerate: Impale causes the target to bleed for 1661 internal damage over 6 seconds and beats the target down for 45 seconds. Beat Down targets take 5% more damage from melee attacks.
  • Sundering Throw: Reduces the cooldown of Saber Throw by 5 seconds, and causes Saber Throw to sunder its target for 45 seconds. Sundered targets have their armor rating reduced by 20% .
  • Brawn: While in Shien Form, Force Charge grants Brawn, granting immunity to interrupts, stuns, knockdowns, and incapacitating effects for 4 seconds. Additionally, during this time, damage reduction is increased by 20%.
  • Savagery: Shatter, Impale, Vicious Throw, and Vengeful Slam increase the critical chance of your next Force Scream by 50%. Lasts for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times.
  • Deafening Defense: Increases damage reduction by 5% at all times and by an additional 15% while Endure Pain is active. In addition, all area of effect damage is reduced by 60% for 15 seconds after Threatening Scream is activated.
  • Destroyer: Increases the damage dealt by your bleeding effects by 10%. In addition, your Ravage and bleed damage has a 30% chance to trigger Destroyer, which finishes the cooldown on Vicious Throw and makes your next Vicious Throw consume no rage and usable on a target with any health level. This effect cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.
  • Gushing Veins: Increases the critical chance of Shatter, Vengeful Slam, and bleeding effects by 5%.
  • Bloodmaster: For each of your bleeding effects active on an enemy target, you deal 3% more bleed damage, up to a maximum of 9% more bleed damage while Shatter, Draining Scream, and Eviscerate are each bleeding a target.


For abilities, I like to organize them into three different categories-DoT’s, Ravage, and Rage Builders/Fillers.

DoT’s (All can be spread with Bloodbath)

3360559836_257402876 Shatter (11s CD): This is your hardest ticking DoT and it also has the longest duration. It immediately procs your Ravage when used. This ability should be kept on cooldown at all times. Generates a stack of Savagery. Costs 5 rage, consumes 1.
1392662418_1803987734 Impale (8.2s CD): This is your hardest hitting instant cast ability. This ability should be kept on cooldown at all times. Generates a stack of Savagery. Costs 4 rage, consumes 3.
2090298940_1204786714 Force Scream (8.2s CD): Another hard hitting instant cast ability. It should be kept on cooldown at all times. Costs 4 rage, consumes 3.

Ravage (Yes it gets its own category lel)

2261463589_832979090 Ravage (16.4s CD): A large percentage of your single target damage is dealt through Ravage. I advise using it whenever your DoT’s are on cooldown and will not be available in no more than 1 GCD. Your 4 piece set bonus increases the critical strike chance of Ravage by 5%.

Rage Builders and Fillers

1076525610_2911944164 Sundering Assault (11s CD): This is your primary rage builder. It activates your 2 piece set bonus which increases the your overall damage dealt by 2% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Builds 5 rage.
916429335_2507242651 Vicious Throw (9.1s CD): A hard hitting filler that procs off of Destroyer. It nets you 1 rage.
3017751817_1896869334 Vengeful Slam (8.2s CD): Another hard hitting filler. It nets you 1 rage.
4233187430_2236709108 Saber throw (22.8s CD): A weaker filler and one of your few ranged abilities. Generates 3 rage.
2089844775_255809271 Force Choke (54.8s CD): Another weak filler that should only be used if you are in need of rage and no other ability is available. Generates 3 rage.
3612715998_2358380085 Force Push (54.8s CD): Another weak filler that should only be used if no other abilities are available. Use over force choke if you are not rage starved.
1562632956_1963234752 Assault: This is your basic attack. Ideally you should NEVER have to use this in your rotation and very rarely will you ever have to use it over any of the other fillers. The only time I recall using it is during downtime when a boss has a shield up to build rage (Calphayus/Raptus).

Rotation and Priority System

My personal take on the Vengeance rotation is that the optimal way to play it is by keeping your DoT’s on cooldown while filling with your highest damage fillers without rage starving yourself or delaying your next set of DoT’s. I like to use a priority system to playout the rotation. There is an overall ability priority list, a DoT priority list, and a filler priority list. I will explain each in more detail below.



Overall Ability Priority

  1. DoT’s (Shatter/Impale/Force Scream)
  2. Ravage
  3. Fillers (Sundering Assault/Vicious Throw/Vengeful Slam/Saber Throw/Choke/Push)

On a single target, DoT uptime should be your highest priority and Ravage should be used in between each set. It is worth delaying activating your Ravage if one of your DoT’s will be available again in no more than 1 GCD. Outside of those situations, use your DoT’s in the priority I will list below, and your fillers in the priority I will list below.

DoT Priority

  1. Shatter (Mostly if Ravage is on cooldown)
  2. Impale
  3. Force Scream (With Savagery Stacks)

A detail to note, if you are ever in a situation where you have just enough rage to use one of your three DoT’s, always prioritize Shatter. If you use Shatter, you will have enough rage to then use Force Scream or Impale immediately after, whereas if you had used either of the other two DoT’s, you would not be activate another one without using a rage builder or filler first.

Filler Priority

  1. Sundering Assault (If it will proc your 2 piece set bonus or if you are rage starved).
  2. Vicious Throw (If 4 rage or above or if Sundering Assault is on cooldown and it won’t delay your DoT’s)
  3. Vengeful Slam (If 4 rage or above or if Sundering Assault and Vicious Throw are not available and it won’t delay your DoT’s).
  4. Vicious Throw without Destroyer proc/Sub 30% (If using it won’t rage starve you or delay your DoT’s).
  5. Sundering Assault (If you are rage starved and your 2 piece set bonus will not activate).
  6. Saber Throw (If you are rage starved and no other filler is available).
  7. Force Push (If you are not in need of rage and no other filler is available).
  8. Force Choke (If you are rage starved and no other filler is available).
  9. Assault (You should pretty much never use this).

Clipping Ravage

If you did not already know, the last tick of your Ravage ability queues 0.3 seconds before the end of the channel. If you are able to consistently clip your ravage channel with your next ability within that small window, it can be a slight DPS gain. Works with Marauders also!

The Opener

There are two openers I use depending on the boss fight/circumstances. I will explain each separately below. The difference in DPS between both openers is very marginal. I suggest using whichever opener suits your preferences for most boss fights.

Opener Number One

(Force Charge if Necessary) > Sundering Assault > Enrage > Adrenal > Impale > Ravage > Shatter > Force Scream > Vicious Throw > Impale > Ravage > Vengeful Slam > Force Scream > Sundering Assault > Shatter > Impale > Ravage

Opener #1 is a standard opener for most boss fights. Note that Force Charge is optional in the opener and most of the time you can easily and reliably engage the boss without using it, either way it won’t make a big difference at all.

Opener Number Two

(Force Charge if Necessary) > Sundering Assault > Enrage > Adrenal > Impale > Shatter > Force Scream > Ravage > Vicious Throw > Impale > Sundering Assault > Force Scream > Shatter > Ravage

I have migrated over to using this opener in most fights because I find that front loading all three of my dots under my adrenal/relic procs provides for a more consistent high damage opener. The rotation also plays out quite nicely even though you are technically wasting a Ravage in the opener. A good example of a time when this opener is very useful would be Revan (With opener #1 you would have to cancel your Ravage in order to reflect his Heave/Overcharge Saber and with opener #2 you wouldn’t). It is also useful on fights where you know that you are going to have to move or target swap very quickly into the fight (Draxus/Raptus/Sparky/etc).

AoE Priority/Rotation

If there are three or more targets, it is optimal to spread your DoT’s with Vengeful Slam and to use Sweeping Slash in between. Optimally, you would spread all three of your DoT’s to every target, but it is usually not practical to do so. The main appeal to your DoT spread is not the DoT damage itself, but the buff it provides to your Sweeping Slash (25% bonus damage). In most cases, I only spread Shatter and Eviscerate using Force Scream before Vengeful Slam will drain your rage, delaying your Sweeping Slash. If the adds you are facing have small health pools, I generally only spread Eviscerate as it ticks faster than Shatter will and I still get the bonus 25% damage to Sweeping Slash.

Example Rotation

Sundering Assault > Enrage > Shatter > Impale > Vengeful Slam > Sweeping Slash x4 > Sundering Assault > Shatter > Impale > Vengeful Slam > Saber Throw > Sweeping Slash x?

Saber Reflect Boss List

I will add to the list if more are found.

Explosive Conflict

  • Toth and Zorn – Red and purple circles that drop and the pulsing damage from the ground pound. Also the DoT that is put out from the beginning of the fight before you medpac.
  • EC Tanks – Lightning Pylon (Massive damage), Trandoshan basic attacks, boss cleave, and double destruction.
  • Colonel Vorgath – Turret Spawns and his basic attacks.
  • Warlord Kephess – Standing under the walker ticks 5% of its health away per Saber Reflect, the three adds at the beginning can be reflected, and the Trandoshan warriors and trench cutters can be killed almost instantaneously if you activate saber reflect before AoE’ing them. You can also reflect the red circle where he lands after his jump as well as the DoT that follows.


  • Sparky – Add Pounce.
  • Bulo – Ore Carts, Scatter Blast, Mass Barrage.
  • Torque – Fire device, Shoots Lasers attack, and turrets.
  • Master & Blaster – Pain of Rain Kappa.
  • Coratanni – Bosses basic attacks and deck guns.

Dread Fortress

  • Draxus – Mass Affliction, Subteroth explosions, lightning from dispatchers, bosses basic attacks, Thundering Blast from Guardians, Dismantler knockback, Guardian conal AoE.
  • Grob’Thok – Boss Roar.
  • Corruptor Zero – Missile Barrage, ranged add attacks, Chest Laser.
  • Brontes – Orbs, six fingers, fire and forget (won’t block damage)

Dread Palace

  • Bestia – Her Ravage cast.
  • Tyrans – His shock attack and the fire at the entrance of the room.
  • Calphayus – Inevitability cast and red damage circle.
  • Raptus – Force Execution
  • Dread Council – Last burn phase AoE damage.

Karagga’s Palace

  • Sorno and Jarg – Unload/basic attacks.
  • Karagga – Fire puddles, mouse droids, fire from its back.

Colossal Monolith

  •  Colossal Monolith – The initial curse damage and ground slam (Identifiable when he raises his arms up).

Temple of Sacrifice

  • Malaphar – Red circle spear throw.
  • Walkers – Targeting droid and walker auto attacks.
  • Underlurker – Rock throw.
  • Commanders – Tracer missile/volley and Kurse’s smash.
  • Revan – Heave, Overcharge Saber, Essence Shear, HK grenades once they have been cleansed, meatbag and interrupt droid attacks.

Toborro’s Courtyard

  • Golden Fury – Droid adds attacks and purple circle

Terror From Beyond

  • Dread Guards – Heirad Force Lightning, Doom (You will pull threat), Force Leach, and Force Scream from Kelsara.
  • Operator IX – Bosses auto attacks.
  • Kephess – Focused beam toward the pillar and burn phase AoE.
  • The Terror – Tentacle slams in the first phase.

Scum and Villainy

  • Titan 6 – Basic attacks from the droid adds.
  • Thrasher – Firebug fire puddles, pulsing damage from the boss roar, and the sniper auto attacks.
  • Operations Chief – Any direct attacks from the adds including the fire beam on gold, rail turret attacks, and Terminate.
  • Olak – Recon droid beam, assault droid auto attacks.
  • Warlords – Sunder’s “The End” cast, Garr’s auto attacks, and Stabbing Spree.
  • Styrak – Lightning adds channel and the pulsing damage from Styrak in the second dragon phase (only prevents damage).

Contact Info/About the Author

You can watch all of my kill videos and what not on my twitch channel,

If you want to see me play live, a follow always helps (^:

I play on the server Jedi Covenant. Feel free to message me about anything on any of these toons: Create, Jintae, Idealist, Ninespot, and Yeah.

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My name is Russell, some know me by Roscoe, Create, or Razzle. I’ve been playing vengeance since I began playing the game and it has been one of my favorite specs ever since. I currently lead the raids for <Origin> on Jedi Covenant and since 4.0 released, we have cleared all of the hard mode and nightmare content. I have held the top juggernaut dummy parse several times since I started to play the game again. If i find time to parse again I may try to aim for the highest again, but it’s all irrelevant anyways. I’d like to thank my guild, <Origin>, especially my raid team being Mal, Var, Yam, Loak, Adorable, Jericho, Narsh, Striker, Pat, Deatch, and all my friends in <Nemesis>, many of whom I listed above already for putting up with me all this time. I would also like to thank Dongo for showing me the way. Kappa. Finally thank you Dulfy for hosting this guide and thank you to anyone who reads it. I really hope that this guide could be of some help. I’m open to any suggestions or criticism as long as it remains civil lol. Cheers!

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