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Dominic MacMahon claimed that the organisation had taken advantage of his 81-year-old mother Dr Heather Collins (Picture: Essex News and Pictures)An investigation has been launched into a comp...

Son confronts double-glazing salesman who 'charged £6,000 for £50 job' on ucabal2

Dominic MacMahon claimed that the organisation had taken advantage of his 81-year-old mother Dr Heather Collins (Picture: Essex News and Pictures)

An investigation has been launched into a company after a vulnerable elderly woman was sold £6,000 worth of doors – when all her son said she needed was a £50 handle.

The situation came to light after son Dominic MacMahon recorded himself accusing a salesman from double-glazing company Zenith Staybrite Ltd of ‘preying on the elderly’.

Son confronts double-glazing salesman who 'charged £6,000 for £50 job' on ucabal2Baby born with adult’s tongue can finally smile after life-changing operation

He claimed that the organisation had taken advantage of his 81-year-old mother Dr Heather Collins.

On Tuesday a salesman arrived and spent two-and-a-half hours working on the Colchester, Essex, home of Ms Collins, who has dementia, before handing her a £5,743.73 bill.

The price was for a new front door and back door, which insurance broker, Mr MacMahon, 50, said were simply ‘not needed’.

Date: October 13 2016nLocation: Colchester, Essex, England.nThis is the moment when an angry son confronts a double-glazing salesman for rinsing his vulnerable mum out of almost £6000 to fix a broken door handle.nFuming Dominic MacMahon confronted Zenith salesman Mark Gibson after he discovered that Mr Gibson had charged his mum for two new front doors costing thousands, rather than to fix the broken handle - while the whole incident was caught on camera.nPictured: Paperwork given to Dominic's mum Heather Collins when she paid for the doors. (personal details pixelated).nVideo available at: Essex News and Pictures.
The son confronted a a double-glazing salesman for persuading his vulnerable mum to part with almost £6000 to fix a broken door handle (Picture: Essex News and Pictures)

In the five-minute-long footage, which has been viewed more than 250,000 times on Facebook, the son can be seen confronting salesman Mark Gibson, who denies any wrongdoing and says he was unaware the pensioner had dementia-like symptoms.

Mr MacMahon is now calling for tighter controls on companies and charities who he claims take advantage of elderly and vulnerable members of the public.

He said: ‘I needed to emphasise to people what this man had done. I was very angry but by being able to put the footage online and tell other people what is going on makes more of a difference.

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‘This is one case – how many other people are going through this? People who don’t have anybody to look after them like mother does.

‘What we are hoping to do is make sure other vulnerable people are protected from this type of sale.

‘The salesman’s behaviour is unbelievable – how can you treat another human being that way? How can he look himself in the face after he does that to a vulnerable old lady.

‘As my mum was writing out that cheque for nearly £6,000, what was going through his head? Did he think this was the right thing to do?

Son confronts double-glazing conman in dramatic video
The confrontation was caught on camera (Picture: Essex News and Pictures)

‘Mum struggles with time and quantity – she has no idea what the implications of signing a cheque for £6,000 are.

‘She actually thought she had bought two door handles for nearly £6,000. If that money had gone – it would have directly compromised her ability to pay for her own carers.’

Dr Collins, a mother of three who has three carers to help her get up, washed and dressed, said she’d been left feeling worried about spending her life-savings on the doors.

She said: ‘It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. It’s been upsetting – I don’t like thinking about it. All I said to the man was that if I shut the doors, they didn’t stay shut.’

After seeing the Facebook footage a local window firm offered to fix the door mechanism free of charge.

Mr MacMahon also put the job up on the internet and one company offered to fix it for £50 – a far cry from spending thousands on two new doors.

Zenith’s sales director told Mr MacMahon the company works with the Dementia Society to make sure old people are not mistreated.

A spokesman for Zenith Staybrite Ltd said: ‘We are carrying out an internal investigation – we have no comment to make at this moment in time.’

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