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Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph is a secret no more! The secret hunters strike again, as the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph find a home.   As you might know...

The Secrets Are Back - Hippogryff Mount Found! -

The Secrets Are Back - Hippogryff Mount Found! -

The secret hunters strike again, as the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph find a home.


As you might know, the rare world quest mount-dropping Kosumoth that spawned the other day was initially only found because the group was looking for ways to get the  The Secrets Are Back - Hippogryff Mount Found! - ucabal2.comReins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph and stumbled on him and the jellyfish Fathom DwellerFathom Dweller mount by accident. Well, not being satisfied with one big secret and mount they pushed on to find more clues and today someone has found the way.

This one isn't quite as crazy complicated as the General-Vezax-looking fellow, but it'll be just as hard to get one for yourself. In Azsuna there are five Ephemeral Crystals that spawn and "all" you have to do is find and click on them within 8 hours without dying. At that point there is a zone-wide emote  "You hear a faint caw in the distance and then silence…" and, obviously, the crystals despawn when the first player clicks all 5 and gets the mount.


Reddit user Cortyn found the first two crystals, based off of the lengthy Wowhead comments section theories, and told the hippogryff-seeking discord group about it, who promptly came to his server to help in the search. Eventually they found 5, but it was player Rawberry that clicked the 5th one, getting the world first, and despite Cortyn having made the initial discovery, he wasn't too mad he missed out on the mount.

Here's the original post about it, but it's in German, as well as the reddit thread, and there's a map of all discovered spawn locations so far (check Wowhead for the hoverable location markers). But before you go off looking for them, you should know no one is sure how the crystals exactly spawn - whether it's just a really long timer or if it's triggered by something.


Personally I am loving this Legion streak of secrets, it really gives WoW that "world" feel again as exploration is becoming part of the game again in a big way.

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