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With the announcement that Legion is coming on August 30th, here is a list of things to get done before the Legion prepatch hits! Before an expansion launches, there is a prepatch where class and UI u...

What to do Before the Legion Pre-Patch on ucabal2

With the announcement that Legion is coming on August 30th, here is a list of things to get done before the Legion prepatch hits! Before an expansion launches, there is a prepatch where class and UI updates are added, while some other types of content are removed. We do not know when the Legion prepatch is coming, but with the expansion on August 30th, your time is limited to get some content and achievements done.

From transmog for Fabulous and the Fabulous title to Reins of the Grove Warden from Heroic Archimonde to the legendary ring questline, there's something for everyone to work on before the prepatch hits.

  • What's going away: Challenge Mode Rewards, Archimonde Moose, Warlords Digital rewards, legendary questline completion, tons of gold from missions
  • What's more difficult: Draenor achievements, Mythic mounts, Garrison Invasion bosses
  • What to prepare for: new transmog system, collecting tabards and shirts, additional toys in Toy Box, leveling alts for Legion lore

New Transmog System

Fabulous Achievement

Fabulous and the Fabulous title is coming in the prepatch, along with a new Legion transmog system. To work on the Fabulous achievement, you need to collect 25 items for each slot--including new slots which are currently not part of transmog in Warlords of Draenor.

If bag space isn't an issue, start holding onto items with unique appearances because they will all be added to your transmog UI in Legion. If you're interested in the Fabulous title, pay special attention to items you may have ignored for transmog, like wrists!

Collecting Transmog Gear

If you're unfamiliar with transmog or never really got into it, Wowhead can help you find outfits and cool items to collect:
  • The Dressing Room lets you try on outfits. You can even customize your character's appearance!
  • Save an outfit in the Dressing Room to share it with others in our Outfit database.
  • The Legion Dressing Room also includes Demon Hunter appearances and Artifact Weapon Models if you want to plan out your appearance from Legion and work on collecting matching gear in advance.
  • If you need help finding a simple matching set, our transmog set database has thousands of premade sets. We also show what items are commonly paired together on the Transmogrified With tab found on all Transmog Set and Item Pages.

Questing for Transmog Items

The exciting new transmog system was announced at BlizzCon during the Systems panel; it will include the ability to automatically have all items for which you have completed the quest. Those quest rewards will be in your transmog choices immediately if you have completed a quest. To prepare for this, now is a great time to quest for transmog gear:
  • We have two quest-specific transmog guides to help you find cool items from questing: Transmogrification Guide: Quest Armor and WoD Quest-Exclusive Models
  • You can check out all our transmog guides here.

Tabard Collecting

Tabards are also going account-wide as part of the new Transmog system. Now is a great time to get to Tabard collecting as you will need 25 tabards for Fashionista: Tabard.

Check out our guide to collecting Tabards here: Wowhead's Guide to Collecting Tabards.

Shirt Collecting

Shirts will be account wide as well in 7.0. There are tons of shirts in game to collect and you will need 25 shirts for Fashionista: Shirt.

Check out our guide to collecting all your shirts here.


Battle Pets

The Howl Bomb combination is getting nerfed, which means that you can't use Howl and then both Whirlpool and Geyser on Pandaren Water Spirit to deal massive burst damage. This pet is a staple of many strategies for all sorts of pet challenges:
  • The Celestial Tournament: a Howl Bomb combination can be used on the final four pet bosses. Completing the Celestial Tornament rewards Celestial Coin which can be used to purchase battle pets.
  • An Awfully Big Adventure: many of these fights benefit from the Pandaren Water Spirit. You need to complete many pet encounters with Elekk Plushie which deals no damage in order to acquire Trunks.
  • Tiny Terrors in Tanaan: There are 15 elite pets in Tanaan Jungle, most of which can be defeated via Howl Bomb. Defeating each encounter rewards Fel-Touched Pet Supplies which is an easy way to farm Pet Charm and Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stone. There is also a small chance it will contain the following pets: Nightmare Bell, Periwinkle Calf, Seaborne Spore, Zangar Spore.

Pet Charms are also receiving nerfs from Warlords content. In addition to things like Tanaan elites being harder to do without Howl Bomb, the Draenor Tamers will reward 2 Pet Charms instead of 4. Now is a good time to farm up Pet Charms for special items like:
  • Pets: Bloodthorn Hatchling, Lost Netherpup, Dusty Sporewing, Glowing Sporebat
  • Toys: Indestructible Bone, Magic Pet Mirror, Spirit Wand

These items will not be going away and the vendors are moving to Legion Dalaran. You can also start stockpiling Pet Charms now as you will need 1000 to purchase the new toy Narcissa's Mirror in Legion, 50 for River Calf, and 100 for Autumnal Sproutling.

Collecting Toys

Many gadgets in Legion are being converted to toys in Legion. Now is a good time to farm old zones, craft low-level items, and complete quests for fun items.

There will be a new achievement in Legion, Remember to Share, for collecting 300 toys which will reward the Mechanized Lumber Extractor mount.

Check out our guide to Items Becoming Toys in Legion.

Rare Spawns

Normally when the next expansion hits, zones from the last expansion are moved to CRZ. If this happens to Draenor zones, finding rare spawns will be more difficult. Currently, many players look at Group Finder to see if someone has put up an alert for a rare spawn:
  • Draenor rare spawns have a 100% droprate on mounts, so they're in high demand. More information in the Warlords of Draenor Mount Guide.
  • Predator requires players who have completed Jungle Stalker to use Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal, get ported to Xemirkol, and defeat him. If you die, he despawns, and you only have 10 minutes before you are phased out.
  • The Voidtalon of the Dark Star is acquired by finding an Edge of Reality portal which has a limited spawn window in select locations across Draenor. With CRZ, more people will be looking for the same portals.

Warlords Digital Rewards

The Warlords digital deluxe items (Reins of the Dread Raven and Dread Hatchling) will not be available to purchase when the prepatch hits. These items are currently available for $20 on the Blizzard Shop.

Pepe Whistle

  • Completing What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It's Been required you to kill several Draenor bosses while wearing Pepe from your Garrison.
  • It will be much easier to complete this now while there are still people doing these raids in LFR and with people around the continent to get the world bosses, so we recommend getting it done before Legion drops!
  • Please see our guide to obtaining your Perma Pepe so you too can put a bird on it!

Draenor-specific Achievements

There are lots of achievements specific to Draenor that require other players to be present. These will be much more difficult to complete once Legion drops and we are all hanging out in the Broken Isles. Ashran may not be as difficult as expected because you can queue up with other players for it as part of a Battleground in Legion.
  • The Bone Collector
  • Warlord of Draenor/Warlord of Draenor
  • Defender of Draenor/Defender of Draenor
  • Divide and Conquer

Leveling Alts for Legion Lore

Legion will include unique Order Halls and lore-filled questlines for each class. To take full advantage of the Legion story, consider getting max-level characters on both the Alliance and Horde sides, as well as a few classes so you can experience the lore more fully.

If you are not sure which classes or specs you are interested in, check out our Artifact Weapon calculator to see all the different weapon themes, as well as our Legion Spell Animations and Legion Questlines playlist to see what fits your character's fantasy.

We have a series of guides for every spec and role overviews:
  • Tanking Overview
  • Healing Overview
  • Ranged DPS Overview
  • Melee DPS Overview

We also have a powerleveling from 90-100 guide, tips for new 100 players, and Boosted Level 100 Player Essentials if you choose to ding 100 via boosting instead of the old-fashioned way.


Complete Challenge Modes

Challenge Mode rewards will no longer be available after 7.0 is released. The rewards include transmog weapons, a mount, and a title. We have partnered with Method for a series of Challenge Mode video guides!

Gold Rewards: Transmog Weapons

The following items are unlocked from vendors when Challenge Warlord: Gold is achieved. They all cost each.

One Hand: Elemental Crescent, Sunblade, Soul Eater, Claws of Creation, Bloodmaw Gargoyle, Equus, Shifting Felblade

Two Hand: Flamegrinder, Greatsword of the Inferno, Arcana Shard Spire, Greatstaff of Infinite Knowledge, Dimension-Ripper's Staff, Cloudsong Glaive

Ranged: Living Longbow, Crystal-Shot Longrifle

Off-Hand: Tesseract Timepiece, Furnace of the Great Machine, Face of the Guardian

Silver Reward: Challenger's War Yeti

Challenger's War Yeti is the reward for completing Challenge Warlord: Silver.

Bronze Reward: Title

  • Challenge Warlord: Bronze rewards the title .

Realm Bests Feats of Strength

There are additional Feats of Strength for holding the realm-best time for a Warlords of Draenor challenge mode. When you currently hold that time, you are granted a special title:
  • Challenge Master: Grimrail Depot: Grimrail Suplexer
  • Challenge Master: The Everbloom: Violet Guardian
  • Challenge Master: Upper Blackrock Spire: Lady of Blackrock, Lord of Blackrock
  • Challenge Master: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: Spiritwalker
  • Challenge Master: Skyreach: Scion of Rukhmar
  • Challenge Master: Auchindoun: Soul Preserver
  • Challenge Master: Iron Docks: Dockmaster
  • Challenge Master: Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Mine Master

Check out our Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode Guide to get started on Challenge Modes.

Collect Heirloom Trinkets

There are five different heirloom trinkets that are available from Mythic dungeon bosses. These trinkets will level with you through Legion, up to 110.
  • Gronntooth War Horn
  • Judgment of the Naaru
  • Orb of Voidsight
  • Infallible Tracking Charm
  • Purified Shard of the Third Moon

These are obtainable by any spec, in random order. You can collect these trinkets on one character for all specs to prepare all your alts as well. Once it drops for one character it is saved in your Heirloom Collection for other characters to use.

Check out our Warlords of Draenor Dungeon Strategy Guides

Heirloom Upgrade Quest

There is a quest series to acquire a free set of heirloom upgrades: Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing, Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing, Ancient Heirloom Scabbard, Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard. The quest chain requires you to loot Misprinted Draenic Coin from mobs while completing your first random Draenor heroic of the day.

In Legion, as you level up, these heroics won't be available in your Random Dungeon UI, and it's unclear if you will be able to complete them.


Obtain the Moose Mount

The Reins of the Grove Warden is only available for a limited time - the item to start the quest will not drop in Legion. Get a group together for Heroic Archimonde and loot the Remnant of Chaos.

We also have two guides that are helpful for obtaining this mount:
  • Gearing Up for the 6.2.3 Grove Warden Mount and Heroic Archimonde
  • Archimonde (Hellfire Citadel) Strategy Guide

Mythic Raid Mounts

  • Currently, Ironhoof Destroyer from Mythic Blackhand and the Felsteel Annihilator from Mythic Archimonde are both guaranteed drops. After Legion goes live (not the prepatch), these will most likely be reduced to a 1-3% drop chance.
  • Now is a great time to get working on getting these mounts. There are often groups in the group finder tool for Mythic Blackhand mount runs.
  • Need help killing Archimonde? Check out our Mythic Raid Guide for Archimonde.

Brawler's Guild

Blizzard announced that the Brawler's Guild is going on hiatus in Legion.

The Brawler's Guild has several unique rewards including many shirts which will help you reach Fashionista: Shirt in Legion.
  • Mount unlocked at Rank 8 from vendor: Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast
  • Pet unlocked at Rank 4 from vendor: Clock'em
  • Title rewarded for Brawlin' and Shot Callin' (Season 2):
  • Shirt for Deck Your Collection (Season 2): Wraps of the Blood-Soaked Brawler
  • Many other shirts for defeating Challenge Card bosses.

We have a general overview of the Brawler's Guild and strategies for all the bosses if you want to try for these items!


Gold from Missions

Garrison missions that award gold will be nerfed in Legion. For example, the Treasure Hunter mission ability that awards extra gold will be renamed to Extreme Scavenger in Legion and award extra Garrison Resources instead.

Missions like Blingtron's Secret Vault will award items like Weapon Enhancement Token instead of thousands of gold instead.

There are only a few months left to make lots of gold through alts with Treasure Hunters, so take advantage of it while you can! You can recruit a Treasure Hunter by building a Level 2 Inn and recruiting weekly followers with that trait. You can further maximize your gold output by constructing a Salvage Yard as missions you complete will reward Big Crate of Salvage which can contain good items for the AH or vendor trash that sells well.

You'll want to save up your gold for vanity items from Legion's Mad Merchant: Prismatic Bauble, Celestial Calf, Bloodfang Cocoon. The mount costs 2 million gold!

Garrison Invasion Bosses

  • The achievement Master and Commander requires you to kill 6 bosses that are summoned from items randomly found in bags that are rewards from Garrison invasions. This is, as it appears, a somewhat complicated process!
  • We would recommend trying to get this achievement done before Legion is released due to it's central points being around the Garrison and requiring a group. These bosses can reward the following mounts: Giant Coldsnout, Smoky Direwolf, Garn Steelmaw, Shadowhide Pearltusk
  • Mostly, finding the items with which to summon the bosses can prove to be a challenge since they randomly drop.
  • Completing any invasion regardless of weekly rewards or difficulty rewards 0 Apexis Crystal can reward any of the following items to summon 10-40 player bosses to your Garrison:
    Teluur: Heart of Oak
  • Gaur: Runed Greatstone
  • Commander Dro'gan: Bloodied Iron Horde Banner
  • Lady Fleshsear: Legion Beacon
  • Annihilon: Void Prison
  • Mage Lord Gogg'nathog: Arcane Highmaul Relic

  • If you are unable to get these to drop, keep an eye on the group finder as there are often people looking to fill their groups to kill these bosses there.
  • For more information, check out our guides to Garrison Invasions and Garrison Invasion Bosses.

Legendary Questline

The legendary ring questline cannot be completed in Legion. If you have started the questline before the prepatch, you can complete it before Legion hits. However, you cannot pick up the questline during the prepatch and start it.
  • Like the Pepe achievement, the Legendary questline requires you do some raiding (LFR and up) which does require other people doing those raids (up to a point.)
  • This quest line requires all 3 raids to be run from the Draenor expac, and will be removed in Legion, similar to the legendary cape questline in Mists of Pandaria.
  • Even if you don't need the ring, there are several achievements associated with the quest line: Chapter I: Call of the Archmage, Chapter II: Gul'dan Strikes Back, Chapter III: The Foundry Falls, and Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate. You also unlock a special Garrison Monument.
  • If you need help finishing this quest line, check out our Ring Guide and our Legendary Naval Mission guide!
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