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Three holidays are currently active in WoW on US realms (EU tomorrow): the brand-new World Quest Bonus Event granting 50% bonus reputation from World Quests, the Darkmoon Faire featuring a new 7.1 mou...

ucabal2 - World Events for This Week: World Quest Bonus Event, Darkmoon Faire, Brewfest

Three holidays are currently active in WoW on US realms (EU tomorrow): the brand-new World Quest Bonus Event granting 50% bonus reputation from World Quests, the Darkmoon Faire featuring a new 7.1 mount , and Brewfest with a few new things to buy. Tuesday also means a new World Boss spawn, this week it's Withered J'im who can drop Unstable Arcanocrystal.

World Quest Bonus Event

This week's Bonus Event is the brand-new World Quest Bonus Event, in which reputation gains from Broken Isles World Quests are increased by 50% via Sign of the Emissary. World Quests are a good way to improve your reputation and get basic gear without needing a group or long time commitment. Just open your map, or check it via your phone on the Legion Companion App or on Wowhead's World Quest Page, to see which quests are up.

During this event, pick up The World Awaits from Archmage Timear and complete 20 World Quests for 5000 Order Resources.

Now is a good time to work on Variety is the Spice of Life for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One, or the 200 World Quests required for Hidden Tracking - Appearance Unlock - Hidden - Color 3 (update criteria when world quests available) to unlock another tint for your Hidden Artifact Appearance if you already have the first color.

With this event, you can also make some good progress towards Exalted with Legion reputations. Check out our Broken Isles Reputation Guides to see what toys, pets, and recipes are from each quartermaster.
  • Nightfallen reputation in Suramar is required for Arcway and Court of Stars attunement, as well as quests for Good Suramaritan.
  • Dreamweavers reputation in Val'sharah has two tabards at Exalted and is needed for The Sunbloom.
  • Court of Farondis reputation in Azsuna is needed for Syriel Crescentfall's Notes: Ravenguard and Vainglorious Draught.
  • Wardens reputation (all zones) is needed for Boon of the Bloodhunter; this reputation is slower to acquire since there are no story quests.
  • Valarjar reputation in Stormheim is needed for Rod of the Ascended and likely to trigger the first head drop towards Visage of the First Wakener.
  • Highmountain reputation in Highmountain is needed to purchase special War Harnesses, totems, and Totem Tote.

If you are a fresh level 110, here is an overview of World Quests:
  • Gearing Up: The better your ilvl is, the higher ilvl rewards you have a chance of getting. You can get gear for any slot as well as relics. This loot can proc Warforged or Titanforged too!
  • Reputation Gains: All quests in a specific zone provide reputation with a faction. If you are interested in profession recipes, vanity items, or Broken Isles Diplomat, you will want to complete World Quests. All zones except for Suramar only take you to Honored via story questing. For Suramar, different parts of the storyline unlock at higher reputation levels and you won't be able to hit those levels without World/Emissary quests.
    World Quests are very important for The Wardens and Nightfallen; they are both Level 110 only factions.

Professions: Quests have a chance to reward Blood of Sargeras, and when you hit skill level 100, additional profession quests unlock which can reward recipes or high-end reagents like Thick Slab of Bacon.
Other quests reward Artifact Power, Gold, and Order Resources.
PvP quests reward Honor and a chance at PvP gear; Battle Pet quests reward bandages/stones.

You must also hit Friendly with the 5 major Legion factions to unlock World Quests, in the quest Uniting the Isles. This will also award the handy teleport item Flight Master's Whistle.

To learn more about World Quests, check out our World Quests Guide and see which are up on our World Quest Tracking Page.

Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire started this past Sunday and is in town for the entire week. In addition to mounts, pets, toys, and transmog, the Darkmoon Faire offers valuable reputation buffs: Darkmoon Top Hat and WHEE!. These do not stack; each increases experience and reputation by 10% for an hour. However either Darkmoon Faire buff stacks with the 50% reputation gain from World Quest Bonus Event.

Make sure you have a reputation buff on when completing Legion World Quests, and Emissary Quests, clicking on Withered Army Training reputation tablets. You'll need six reputations at Revered (Broken Isles Diplomat) for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One and Nightfallen Exalted for Class Hall Armor Set shoulders and the in Patch 7.1.

In addition, there are Legion recipes, toys, and transmog options which are all covered in the Darkmoon Faire Guide.

The Darkmoon Faire is also a great way to boost your professions. There are quests which grant +5 skillups, new Inscription recipes for higher ranks of crafting Darkmoon Faire cards, and Darkmoon Daggermaw which provide fishing skillups and can be turned in for recipes and pets. If you are set on professions, you can fish up 500 Darkmoon Daggermaw now for the mount coming in Patch 7.1, sold by Galissa Sundew:


Brewfest started the same day as Mythic+ Dungeons, Emerald Nightmare, and Season 1 PvP so you may have put off grinding Brewfest Prize Token. However, Brewfest ends on October 6th so you only have a few days left. Here's a recap of what's new:
  • Coren's loot is now ilvl 810
  • Vendors sell new brews like Spirit Spirits
  • Throw food at friends with Throwing Sausage
  • Gravil Goldbraid's Famous Sausage Hat is a new toy that costs 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens.
  • Synthebrew Goggles XL is a new pair of goggles that costs 200 Brewfest Prize Tokens.

Full details in the Brewfest Guide.
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