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I mean, look at this guy, he has 1b cabal 2 alz by doing nothing and the 'tard that does 30+ SGs per day has 3m.

Cabal 2 Another 1.10 patch complain thread

1. Sky Garden Modifications

The bridge switches will take 5 seconds to activate.

Monsters near the switch will respawn faster.

Movement speed of the monsters in Sky Garden is increased by 30% - 50%.

Semiramiss in Sky Garden will be dealing more skill damage.

Totally fine by me, completely doable with rare items and good strategy.


3. Repeatable quests are now only able to be done once a day.

From 3-12 times (depending on quest) to 1, it's kind of harsh and from my point of view you're just forcing players to buy premium by doing this.


5. All heroic items from Sky Gardens, Heavenly Citadel, and the Lantana Abysmo will be changed as “Account Bind when obtained”.

Icee, you said on the stream that the reason you've done this is to prevent bots to crash the in-game economy, that they are always finding new ways to spam, bla bla bla and you'll stick with this solution until you find a better one ... uhmm, what? May I remind you that until this day you didn't manage to stop bots on CABAL 1 and you're researching for new ways for at least 8 years ?

May I remind you that because you guys didn't hire additional staff to deal with bots, you still are still in this situation ?


You said you can't accept us as volunteers and can't make a team who can deal with this kind of this because they need access to certain tools ? Well, welcome to 21st century, we have little things called contracts and legal agreements. You had 8 years of cabal1 experience and 3 years to develop this game and THIS didn't occur to you ?

Also, I don't agree with you when you said that creating an bot removal team means you have to make some sort of compensations to that team (special mounts?! ... please), I WOULD PERSONALLY DO IT FOR FREE (but, again, how would you know that since you didn't bother to ask) and I'm sure there are many others. Another solution would be an in-game report system (which was suggested on C1 also, several times) which only that team of volunteers you assembled can use so that you'd know the reports aren't fake or pranks, than all you have to do is sit on a chair, read the reports and hit the freakin' ban hammer faster.


I'm sure this game has a freaking database with all players and you can run a query to see how much alz each player has, sort by numbers and after that, I'm also sure this game has logs who can by analysed ? I mean, look at this guy, he has 1b cabal 2 alz by doing nothing and the 'tard that does 30+ SGs per day has 3m.


So YES, making this items binded was a stupid thing to do because it won't solve the spamming and botting problems, also I'm assuming instead of reverting this thing, you simply put some unbind items in shop like you did in C1 and problem solved.


You mentioned that people will twist what you say and that's why you don't communicate with us ... honestly this is lame excuse and this is exactly why the community needs and Advisor group, people who voluntary want to help this game to improve, want to help you make easier decisions (not going all Hitler on patches) and you can make this team by certain criteria like game knowledge, IQ test, age, etc. Let's get one thing straight, you guys made this decisions by yourself (fire) and refused to communicate with us (fuel), so the "adding fuel to the fire" statement you made is invalid, you bringed this upon yourselves.


An fair example would be the fact that just by communicating with us by twitch you found a sh*tload of bugs that need to be fixed and decent suggestions for game play...


Even if CABAL is different from a game like a League of Legends for example, I want to point of the RIOT's way of doing things by actually listening to what the community has to say and continuously innovating and developing the game's game play and they managed to get millions of players in a short time. I'm willing to bet my entire alz that at least one of ESTSoft's management team plays this game.

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