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Hi, I have seen only one plan on this site about the Blackwave - Wave 12 strategy but look like no one have cleared it yet, so perhaps we can discuss it here and everyone can say their opinion.

Cabal 2 Blackwave - Wave 12 Tatics/Stragegy/Plan Discussion

Hi, I have seen only one plan on this site about the Blackwave - Wave 12 strategy but look like no one have cleared it yet, so perhaps we can discuss it here and everyone can say their opinion. Sorry about my English if it doesn't make sense.


1. What we know so far?

- Wave 12's tree have 7billions hp (which is A LOT). We might even have enough time just to attack this tree.

- Tree does deal a little dmg to player around it, in distance. 

- Poison pool spawn around the tree. 

- Wave 12 spawn 3 kind of mob: plan, ent and add

- Plan can snare, ent does not deal much dmg but have most number, add explode and deal massive dmg when die (1 shot any FS).

- Add can also fear, stun player. 

- Pri can not res during 1 wave, everyone instant revive when wave success!


2. What tatics we have so far?

- FS luring all add and try to stay away from player.

- No aoe use to minimize the aggro or take aggro away from FS while luring.

- Blow up add in tree because they also deal dmg to tree.

- Freeze group of adds to let them explode themself


3. Why this one plan we have so far did not work out?

- Required a high level of communication and team work. 

- Required a high level skill of specific player such as FS,WI. 

- It might not be the right plan to start with.


So after many tried, I have think of a new plan that completely different from the one we know. Base on what my guild "Crusaders" gather so far, I come up with this one plan that may work (because we tried once and it did not work out base on lack of communication).


However, with this plan I try to minimize the requirement of communication and team work, therefore, it might not be effective and still require improvement. 

So here it is:


Basic start (required small amount of teamwork and communication).

- At the start, everyone gather UNDER THE TREE except FS. (The tree is huge, so when you stay under it, u can COMPLETELY HIDE UNDER THE TREE). This is important because it will make all the mob heading to the tree. 

- Everyone will use single target skill and attack the tree. Absolutely no AOE, to prevent and aggro taken from FS.


- All FS will run around the tree in circle and use aoe taunt, if necessary. This will protect everyone inside the tree who is dealing dmg.


- No healing FS from Priest, DO NOT HEAL FS, they can take care of themself, use pot, use buff watever u need, take care of urself FS.


- We can keep this going if FS can keep hold aggro and does not die (FS must have high def and eva to stay alive while keep running in a circle).


Medium tatics (this required a bit more skilled from all the FS in the team).

- While running around, ONE FS who is assigned from beginning will STOP AND BM and start using AOE skill (skill slot 2), HE have to choose a place where it close enough to the tree that will do dmg when add explode and far enough from player inside the tree.


- All the other FS will try run pass that one BM FS to leave him all the remaining adds, when they see there is no more add following them, they can stop where they are and use aoe dmg to those add who is around the BM FS.

- Everyone else, when you see ur FS start BM and use BM skill, use your AOE skill to finish those add.


- We will sacrifice one FS to kill 6-7 adds. 

- When he die, all other FS keep running around the tree like begining and use aoe taunt again. 

- Repeat until tree finish. 


Advance tatics (required high skill level FS and WI).

- So when the BM FS using those aoe skill attacking the mob, the WI have to stop attacking the tree and pay attention to the add. When they see the add is at low health, (1/3 of their HP). ALL WI USE FREEZE AOE to those add.

- Everyone else stop attacking the tree and use aoe to those add as well.

- BM FS when see the add around him is freezed, stop attacking and GET OUT> USE DASH, if you still in BM form, RUN OUT.

- when done, all remaining FS start running again and use aoe taunt. 

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