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The Founder's Pack is an exclusive gift box provided to users who want to get a head start on the CABAL 2 Open Beta!

CABAL 2 Founder's Pack FAQ

What is a Founder’s Pack?

The Founder's Pack is an exclusive gift box provided to users who want to get a head start on the CABAL 2 Open Beta! 


Will there be a wipe after the open beta?

The CABAL 2 Open Beta will lead straight into the official launch of the game with no scheduled wipes.


What is included inside the Founder’s Pack?

Exclusive Mount

Exclusive Weapon Skin

Exclusive In-Game Title

‘Ektensia’s Founder’

100x HP / MP Potion I

10x Premium Revive Stone

3-Day Head Start


How long will the Founder’s Pack be available for purchase?

The Founder’s Pack will be available for purchase from June 20 and end June 26th 7 pm (PDT). All refund requests must be done by 7 pm PDT.


How do you purchase the Founder’s Pack?

Currently, the only way to purchase a Founder’s pack is with eCoins. eCoins are the currency used to purchase items from the Cash Shop. Please note that CABAL 1 Vouchers used to refill eCoins are unable to be used for the Founder’s Pack purchase. And also only the eCoins purchased from the NA eCoin refill page will be valid towards purchasing the Founder's Pack. 


Can I use my current North American ESTGame eCoin balance?

Yes and No. Users can use their current NA ESTGames eCoin balance. However, only eCoins purchased through a credit card or prepaid card will count towards the purchase. Voucher eCoins will not count towards the purchase.


How do you purchase eCoins?

Once you have successfully created an ESTGames account at Head over to our eCoin refill page at and click on ‘Quick Refill’. Please note that only the eCoins purchased from the NA eCoin refill pagewill be valid towards purchasing the Founder's Pack.


What payment methods are available to purchase eCoins with?

When you click on the ‘Quick Refill’ button, you’ll be able to select how to refill eCoins, either using a prepaid card, or credit card.


I’ve purchased a founders pack, what now?

That’s it! When head start begins on June 29th, you’ll have a Founder’s Pack Gift Box available when you create a character. Also, please note that the exclusive weapon skin will be available to the first character class that opens the gift!


How many Founder’s pack can I purchase?

Founder’s Packs are limited to 1 per account.


Can I cancel my Founder’s pack once it’s purchased?

Users who purchase a Founder’s Pack can cancel and request a refund anytime between June 20-26th(PDT). After these dates, all purchases are non-refundable, even if the purchase was done prior to June26. Please visit our TOU for additional information regarding online digital purchases


Will CABAL 2 Open Beta have region restrictions?

Currently, we do have a restriction for users in China and certain parts of SEA. These include the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore. The restriction is in place because these regions will have their own CABAL2 service, which will follow ours shortly.


The founders pack page says name reservation as one of the things I get as part of the head start. Does that mean I get a token to apply to my account?

​What name reservation means is that characters made during the early access period will carry over into the rest of the OBT. This will effectively reserves the name you wish to have.

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