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I started playing Cabal 2, I know the game is in open beta, but there are things that just should not present problems, especially involving other people's money.

Cabal 2:I hate making complaints

I started playing Cabal 2, I know the game is in open beta, but there are things that just should not present problems, especially involving other people's money.

Mue problem is not with SPF or BUG play the game or any problems found in the game itself.


It is simply the only place where there should be no errors, or if there it was solved because mess with other people's money, like mine, and this can even cause problems in court, as a process for idenização because I walk not giving ass to make money, I work and do not want to lose that.


I bought 5k Ecoin, simply because of my region, the site automatically logs in my home country, the problem is that in my country to work with ESTsoft Cabal 1 and 2, the Ecoin is the universal currency of the site ie I should have the right to buy and choose where I want to, not as I heed me for this Site trouble coming directly into the system of my country, I bought 5k Ecoin and the Ecoin was automatically credited to the Cabal 1 without my permission, against my will, because I play Cabal 2 and logically I would choose for my ecoins in Cabal 2.


I have already sent the ticket and was not solved my problem.


Today I know the Ecoin so that it properly go to Cabal account 2, I had to teach myself and using my intuition, because nothing is spoken about how to proceed, only the site says "buy ecoins" after the process "was successful purchase," nothing more


Tonight I had around 1k and a little more ecoins, I tried to buy some pets, the staff here speak I could just buy one, nothing is informed upon purchase, or the information preceding the purchase of the pet.


I tried to buy, appeared an error saying, "insufficient funds" ...

And look ... My ecoins were taken exactly regarding the pet's value, and the pet as well, not received anything, the fact is that during this process before you know it tried to buy again, the same thing happened.


I had a few dollars in my paypal account.

Bought more ecoins, put 2.5k.

I tried to buy the same pet again, same error, same debit and again received nothing.

I tried to buy another pet, the seahorse buying usually happened.

I wanted to buy another, after the Ecoin should be mine, gave the error again and again my balance was removed and the item was not received.


Despite the fact that I'm a complete idiot and should not have used my money to do this kind of testing, the errors continue and I will not buy anything in the shop item again.


In fact I resent a ticket, the first still was not answered and no longer had to send another, with the same problem, look, just with money and Ecoin and item shop.


Well, the company survives this, I will not buy Ecoin in as my problem is not solved, around the public issue and believe that this will affect the company's image, but my pocket was affected and had not taken any offers by the same.


When my tickets are answered and solved my problem I come and edit this post and declare that the company was correct and solved the problem, otherwise there will continue and whoever reads this to know what is happening.


I do not buy another Ecoin whether, how is not resolved this problem and become my shopping-safe and my money is properly employed and is not subtracted improperly.


I suggest that anyone reading, do the same or do so at your own risk.


I hope ESTsoft know that with other people's money should not play and this can lead to legal issues.

I hope ESTsoft is a serious company and not just solve my problem, but also solve "the" problem so that nobody suffers with it and the company can recover its credibility, my confidence as looking more and can take advantage of the gains to them It fits.


I do not wish anything bad to ESTsoft, but also do not want anything bad to me.


Please solve this, solve the problem of the purchase system site, the purchase system problem in the item shop for the solution fit all.

Solve this for me to edit this post confirming that the company took care of the problem and to be trusted.


Solve this so that their right to make money from the fruit of their work is justified. For the money I earned with my work was subtracted and used against my will as I did not want and also simply subtracted a second time and was not employed at all.


Thank you, forgive me for the immense text.

I hope that even if nobody read it, yet at least ESTsoft kindly read.

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