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Yes, most definitely. We will release more information as everything becomes clear, but plans for high Cabal 2 Alz items are definitely into play.

Cabal 2 Twitch Stream FAQ

Hello everyone,


The latest Twitch streams have all been 90% Q&A, so I don't want those who don't want to watch the streams to miss out on any important information. Each week after my streams, I will be transcribing the most vital questions I was able to answer here (If they are NA weeks however, they will most likely be pushed back to Monday)


So here are the questions I have answered from last week's stream (8/7) and today's stream (8/14)


These are not going to be verbatim. Please don't be mad if I condense the questions. Also thank Sharka because his question game is on point.


Is the FPS (Frame rate) optimization being worked on?


Yes! This month specifically we are focusing on making sure CABAL 2 is far better optimized. This will take a while, but is definitely in progress and the primary focus.

Will Easy Mode be brought back?


It's still under discussion. There are many factors that need to be considered before we bring that back, but other dungeons modes are also being considered. Only time will tell!


Why does the Black Night Nightmare gear lack set bonuses?

The Black Night Nightmare gear was designed to function like the Unchangeable Semiramiss gear; gear that has the top stats for each class. If the stats are not up to par that is something will be looked into, but it was never intended to have a set bonus.


Was the Account Bound gear change something that will be reverted back? This is a combination of questions all relating to the unpopular change of the Epic gear

This is another topic that is still under discussion. It was changed due to numerous reasons, including the fact that high end level gear was easily accessible to little to no effort. This will be changed with the next major content update, and more details will be revealed once the plans are finalized. We are considering both the feedback we received alongside our original reasons for the change.


Are there any plans for more Cabal 2 Alz sinks to level out Cabal 2 Alz inflation?


Yes, most definitely. We will release more information as everything becomes clear, but plans for high Cabal 2 Alz items are definitely into play.


Is Pub Owner Velini a cool person?


Yes, she is. You should pay her a visit.


I will keep this updated as more information becomes relevant, or if I have discovered that I missed a vital question. If I did miss a question and you want me to post it on here, let me know!

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Cabal 2 First PvP Tournament (NA Open Beta)

The tournament was single elimination, no items, self-buffs only. Battle Mode (BM) was allowed only for the third and final rounds. The grand prize was 15 million Cabal 2 Alz, sponsored by the Onyx guild.


Do no believe everything you see on cabal 2 forum!

Unlike Cabal 1, Cabal 2 you dont even need cabal 2 alz. you can do anything. Cabal 2 ALZ = NOTHING. This is very important for new players, they can come at any moment now and still be relevant.


Cabal 2 Things that annoy me (so far)

Cabal 2 Alz spammers. No need to touch any more on this since everyone knows the problem here. I have a forum page dedicated for this problem, with an idea of how to fix it, if you wanted more information or to talk about it specifically

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