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So I played cabal for a long time, and this game made me want to play cabal, instead of making me feel like I was playing a better newer cabal

Cabal2:Clarity and Interface and Cutscenes

So I played cabal for a long time, and this game made me want to play cabal, instead of making me feel like I was playing a better newer cabal. I'm sure there is going to be a lot of cleanup, this is open beta, but here are a few of my suggestions for some of the areas I felt where lacking.


1. The cutscenes, someone who speaks English needs to edit/rewrite them in English, and then give them proper voice overs that don't skip or stop.


2. Numbers, I want numbers on everything. I want to know exactly how useful that buff is, and exactly how much damage/healing I am doing with each skill. I also want to know what the duration is on my cc and the duration/damage on my dots are. I'm sure this will be added into the game at some point, just pointing out how important it is.


3. Stats, the way I am leveling up my character right now is basically just automating where they go, and they have only gone into 2 stats. I'm new but I can already see that there isn't going to be much diversity in stats, I would rather see something that has more customization. (on a side note here, what are those pvp stats??? are we actually supposed to make characters that are specifically skilled for pvp that are incapable of pve because we have to dump stats into pvp? if anyone knows what this is let me know.)


4. This could be a personal preference, but the inventory/character screen has probably been the single most frustrating thing in the entire game for me. World of Warcraft is great and all but if I wanted to play it I would. The character screen in cabal was so great, the placement of all the items was different, in a pleasing to the eye sort of way. You could actually see all your items in your inventory, sized appropriately, and with spinning 3d models. I really hope this is just a temporary easy template that they are using while they sort the rest of the game and get to the point where they can devote time to making the inventory more dynamic,


5. On another note I do like the chocobo *cough* ostrich pea****and the aoe skills that are aimed are probably one of my favorite new additions. This along with the removal of the combo system I feel is a good step towards giving the game more gameplay and making it less of spam your combo then switch targets. All the skill designs are well done, I can see this game being very successful after a good polishing.

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Why oh why did everyone roll a FB... well I guess I can't talk since I did the same. It's very annoying trying to find a party for sg when there are 12 other FBs spamming world chat looking for the same party


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I played Cabal 1 but it was mostly on a private server, and I didn't play for that long. What's BM? I am interested in a class that gets at least a good AOE skill on early levels that has a decent range


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30yo Army vet looking into cabal 2 and est for the first time, plan on joining beta as soon as it goes live. Not sure what to expect honestly, I've spent the past 7 1/2 years healing and roleplaying on world of warcraft

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