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This is more of an idea for future game design. I would love to see a Faction War Leadership System in the game.

Cabal2 Faction Leadership System

This is more of an idea for future game design. I would love to see a Faction War Leadership System in the game. 


- once a month each faction is able to run for leadership

- a voting period happens before each election

- the candidate with the most votes wins for each faction. This means there will be three leaders. One for each faction.

- once elected the leader receives special armor and name tag. These improved bonuses help him survive longer when rallying troops.

- each leader can elect 2 subleaders to assist him/her

- all leaders and subleaders can talk in a faction only megaphone.

- leaders have a few special abilities or buffs to enhance combat. Maybe even create mobile spawn points for allies to rally up in nation wars.

- leaders and subleaders earn a salary, based on shop usage in pvp, while they are a leader. Each nation war won gives them a bonus on top as well.


The whole point of becoming nation leader is to rally, organize, and intensify pvp efforts on the server. It also adds competition and builds server community through the election system.

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