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Cabal2 Gold spammers: Do I need to say much? Did you even have a plan at all? I can log in at lvl one and post into world chat.. wow. I can even disable myself from disconnected for inactivity in the options.

Cabal2:This game should still be in CBT

The sheer amount of bugs, oversites and missing features in this game makes me question why it's even in the obt phase. I know it's obt and I know the devs continue to release patches but my god, I am so confused as to why so much got through to the obt that should have already been dealt with in cbt.


Ignoring the Bad fps, terrible ping, poor server stability and lack of eu servers I'll list what I have encountered and anyone that has any info, workarounds, or more issues, feel free to post them. Please note that these are just what I've encountered and I may just not be aware of ways to fix them.


#1) No stats?: Seriously "Teaches how to aim precisely to increase attack hit rate"... Okay... thanks... I guess... How much would that be exactly?... Oh. you don't want to tell me?... Okay...


#2) Messed up stats: For some reason almost every stat number be it health, mana, attack or whatever else has some extra digits. Apparently I can tank 8000 damage at lvl 12, who new?! :O


#3) No auto primary attack?: I have to constantly keep pressing 1 to do my basic attack? I can't just you know, right click to engage attack or left click to just select the target like every over mmo?


#4) Very poor tab-targeting: I feel as though it could to with some tweaking. In most other mmo's when I tab to select a target it'll prioritize the closest enemy I'm looking at not the closest enemy behind me.


#5) Bag auto sorting: (Please excuse my attempt at describing this, I couldn't think of the right words) Despite my hate for multiple bag systems in general I can't understand why you made it so when I click auto-sort it pulls every-single item into the same bag and goes to the next bag if it needs space. I, and most others, like to organize my bags, one with potions and bandages, the others with crafting supplies, etc. What should happen when I click auto-sort is each bag gets organized individually, and if you don't like it that way then make it an option in the settings or something. Speaking of options, where's the option for sorting? How am I sorting these cabal2 items? by name? by type?


#6) Cabal2 Gold spammers: Do I need to say much? Did you even have a plan at all? I can log in at lvl one and post into world chat.. wow. I can even disable myself from disconnected for inactivity in the options.


#7) Camera controls: In most mmo's you press and hold right click to move camera as well as which way the character is facing. And then you can press and hold left click to move the camera separate from the character. It should be this way in this mmo also, bit strange this one.


#8) Separate Pvp stats?: Pvp attack, pvp defence....? Why? Am I missing something, or is this an actual feature that people wanted? And if so.... Why?


#9) Sound bug: Whenever I change channel, and sometimes seemingly randomly, I'll lose my effects sounds and nothing else. Not sure why.


#10?) I'll write more when I can bothered the heat in this room right now is slowly but surely killing me.

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EstSoft must think that the botters/gold sellers will be discouraged

EstSoft must think that the botters/cabal 2 gold sellers will be discouraged and just leave the game, well here is a reality check EstSoft.


Cabal 2 Things that annoy me (so far)

Cabal 2 Alz spammers. No need to touch any more on this since everyone knows the problem here. I have a forum page dedicated for this problem, with an idea of how to fix it, if you wanted more information or to talk about it specifically


Cabal2 PvP vs PvE

Sup guys. So I just noticed that when distributing points you can invest into PvP only stats. So does this mean that if you really want to be strong in PvE you will have to sacrifice PvP and vice-versa?


Cabal 2 US OBT Events

We are all excited to play at the launch of the first English Cabal 2 version that is hosted in the US. To the start of the OBT there are events, live streams and giveaways we can enjoy.


People judging CABAL 2 way too fast

Cabal 2 just got released in NA and is in OBT, of course it'd be like that at end game like every game are at the start. Just like Cabal 1 game got boring at end game at the start of the release because no updates so we just gotta keep playing/ farm gears level up crafting till new updates come.


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