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Honestly, the "Experienced" thing is just a stupid topic. Why would you need experience to play a game. It's not like dungeons are a competitive thing, otherwise I could see the benefit of having a professional player

Good luck getting into a late game dungeon for your first time

Honestly, the "Experienced" thing is just a stupid topic. Why would you need experience to play a game. It's not like dungeons are a competitive thing, otherwise I could see the benefit of having a professional player. What I believe people should do is allow anyone that needs to run the dungeon to run it with them, then they'll gain the "experience" that the desire for the player to have in the first place. Also, if it's a level 40 dungeon, they've already been through the game and have had plenty of situations to prepare the player to run them. That being said, the only "experience you really need is to have played the game. All dungeons are just glorified singleplayer instances that allow you to add party members in, and up the difficulty of the mobs.


I myself have created a Guild based around the idea of helping others progress through the game, whether it be through dungeon runs, grinding, or even handing out gear to those who need help. Now, before you go and say that I need to stop recruiting, my point in saying this is that everyone should try to help others, rather than mock them for their "Inexperience". Who knows, you guys might become the best of friends, or maybe they'll even help you out later on a quest, or a dungeon run. The important thing is that we all stick together and be a strong community.


I've already seen how hate has ruined people's opinions of this game. So far, it's only because people can't handle to even see a fluctuation of their FPS. This game is too good for all of you guys who don't like it to bash. Sure it has a few bugs, but they're working on them every day to fix the problems that aggravate us so much. Just a couple days ago they fixed the community's main ailment, the Mana bar bug. What i'm trying to say is, give this game a chance. It was just released on OBT last week, and there are very few huge bugs, along with a couple minor glitches. For now, that's great.


I love this game, and I would hate to see it go down because of a hateful community. What we need to do is actually try to fix a problem rather than whine and moan about it on the forums. If there's a bug that you find, don't write a giant message saying how horrible the game is because of it, actually report it to the staff and allow them to fix it. Also, please do not egg on any of these hate conversations. If someone posts a hateful comment about the game, let the staff handle it. Don't try to be a hero and talk back to them, that just creates more turmoil that this game is already drowning in.


So I challenge all of you to band together and form a good community, and help each other out. If someone has a problem, and you know a solution, try to help them fix it. If someone comments about the game saying that they despise it due to the "Horrible bugs and glitches", ignore them and go about your day. It would be the best for all of us.


I see great potential in this game. If you stick around, maybe you'll even get to see what it has in store for you.

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Est had a great opportunity to make a GREAT game into a greater game. They really done **** up lol. This isn't even a minor **** up... This is to the level of stomping on communities opinions and throwing it at their face.


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