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The game publishers took over Cabal 1 and made that game heavy p2w (it was p2w before, but we spent money on premiums and costumes, utility stuff

Is Cabal 2 any better than TERA?

I was a veteran of TERA, beautiful game to be honest. I've heard of cabal since i was a kid back in the days but I spent too much time on Counter-strike and Playstation 2 games to care about it. Diablo games as well.


now since it's Cabal 2 so i figure it will be a fresh start for me. After taking a look at the classes, they are pretty the same as TERA with Lancer (TANK), Priest (same name), Wizzard (socerer), Archer (same), warrior (same), slayer with a small sword mix with magic damage = blade (meh). nothing really interesting about the class beside battle mode. It may grows on me more when the server opens for regular people.


now I just want to know is this game a grind fest and cash grab? because TERA is horrible at those. only new costumes/outfits for females + everything new is in RNG box which is real money and the chance of winning is like lottery jack pot.


I'm ok with grinding since i play with friends and it's not that big of the deal but cash grab and limited contents for male character as well as RNG box killed the joy of TERA for me.


so any good respond would be appreciated  I also looking forward to play archer or shield.


The game hasn't been yet officially launched for most of the people and it is still just into OPEN BETA phase, aka needs a lot of tweeking.

The cash shop atm is just -premium and skins, but most games start like that...

The game mechanics are way difirent from TERA too, (no real evading with your own movements etc).

ATM NONE can answer to you, if the game is gonna be P2W.



The game publishers took over Cabal 1 and made that game heavy p2w (it was p2w before, but we spent money on premiums and costumes, utility stuff, but after EST took over we got ''magical random item box's'' that gave lots of craps (and some nice items in like each 20th box and each box costs 2-3 euros... money sink). At the start I doubt Cabal 2 will follow the same path, but after some years.... who knows.

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