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After playing Echo of Soul for a while now I thought I would try some other new games - Seeing Cabal 2 I couldn't resist, sadly I was let down in the first 5 minutes

Never have i left a game so fast in over 20 years - get with it EST

Don't read or reply if your only here to troll this is a post for people with years of gaming in their bag not console/teenies (no offence implied)




After playing Echo of Soul for a while now I thought I would try some other new games - Seeing Cabal 2 I couldn't resist, sadly I was let down in the first 5 minutes


As soon as I get in game after a rather dated type of character setup I was met with Super gold site spamming and by super I mean I have never started a new game

with so much spam in chat. This game must be atleast 3-4 years old and imported from Asia because the latest games since 2014 have auto filters/banners for anything

with WWW - Cabal 2 gold etc etc in them.


You don't even have multi servers to police and you cant even manage to ban/silence gold spammers in one server very poor work for a company in this day and age


Game looks and feels very dated for some reason - lag is well fluctuating which isn't due to my lovely fibre opt internet


Early Access, Founders packs, etc etc - This is our day and age people if your over 30ish you'll get what i'm saying if your under 25ish you won't think this

is anything bad - - - - - In the past we had Alpha,Beta(now known as Early Access) in the past Alpha we tested the game for them, in the nowadays alpha,beta we pay to

test most games. In the past version almost all bugs/glitches etc were gone by the open beta - Nowadays they are more focused on adding a real money shops and Founders Packs 


I miss the good old days when we paid a monthly fee to play with all content on game - Lately its you can play the game but if you want anything good get your wallet out

Yes I understand companies need to to make money but they are going down the wrong line - its now wonder many companies close fast, many good games close fast and

many company's merge - Aurora World was absolutely great for PVP maybe even as good as AIKA's which is high praise for me sadly they were so hellbent on adding

everything to the shop the game closed after 1 year and it really got on my tits since another great game with epic PVP got ruined by greed


I'll probably come back and try again but for the moment EOS will be my main - Although EOS has pretty crap PVP a big let down


Fingers crossed the follow up to Cab1 will turn out good just be quick about it.UCABAL2 Promise Is Safe And Minutes Fast Delivery For Our Loyal Customers, Super VIP Cabal 2 Alz Service, Cheapest Alz Price, 24/7 Hours Support, Safe & Legit Buying With Cabal 2 Alz!

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You the cabal 2 game is over when

Est had a great opportunity to make a GREAT game into a greater game. They really done **** up lol. This isn't even a minor **** up... This is to the level of stomping on communities opinions and throwing it at their face.


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Especially in dungeon runs, when half of the time it's just utter chaos. DPS pull trash/bosses without Tank's consent thinking that they can tank it


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Again estgames again terrible updates.. the only thing added to the "Black wave" and there is a change to the previous patch do you plan to save the lost players with this patch? It's still hard dungeons


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