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Especially in dungeon runs, when half of the time it's just utter chaos. DPS pull trash/bosses without Tank's consent thinking that they can tank it

So many incompetent cabal 2 players in this game

Especially in dungeon runs, when half of the time it's just utter chaos. DPS pull trash/bosses without Tank's consent thinking that they can tank it. Usually nobody even attempts to focus tank's target. And when they die, they blame the healer. 9 out of 10 tanks are just mindlessly attacking a group they pulled and totally ignore the loose mobs that are going after the healer. Also, there's this trend with people (especially the tank) quitting the party with just one wipe, instead of trying to fix the problem.


People are lacking some common sense. For example, a tank pulled the last boss in HOR without everyone being in the room. Few people were locked out, including the healer. The party was discussing about the matter at hand while he was just senselessly tanking away and finally realizes something went wrong as he was about to die. He blamed the party, with severely broken English, for not going into the room together. On the second attempt, he did it again. He was given the advice to wait for everyone in the room first before pulling, but he didn't listen and insisted on accusing the party. It doesn't really help when everyone speaks in their own language and do not even care to understand the situation.


If you're new to a dungeon or class, let the group know, so you can receive help or advice. Don't just make a mistake, wipe the party, and then say you didn't know. I guess if I want to continue playing, I'll have to only group with guild.


I've probably learned to play MMOs before half of the players here just learned how to walk. There are quite a few MMOs I've played where pugs weren't an issue. Communication is key. It doesn't help when someone, who's already terrible at communicating in a langauge everyone else understands, does't even bother with trying to making up for their mistakes. Instead, they blame others for their incompetence and ignorance. Also, if you read my post, I am in a guild, and I just declared that I'm going to run with them from now on. I put a lot of faith in pugs during times when no open spot is available to do guild runs.

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This is more of an idea for future game design. I would love to see a Faction War Leadership System in the game.


Good luck getting into a late game dungeon for your first time

Honestly, the "Experienced" thing is just a stupid topic. Why would you need experience to play a game. It's not like dungeons are a competitive thing, otherwise I could see the benefit of having a professional player


What class does Cabal 2 AOE damage apart from the Wizard?

I played Cabal 1 but it was mostly on a private server, and I didn't play for that long. What's BM? I am interested in a class that gets at least a good AOE skill on early levels that has a decent range


You the cabal 2 game is over when

Est had a great opportunity to make a GREAT game into a greater game. They really done **** up lol. This isn't even a minor **** up... This is to the level of stomping on communities opinions and throwing it at their face.


EstSoft must think that the botters/gold sellers will be discouraged

EstSoft must think that the botters/cabal 2 gold sellers will be discouraged and just leave the game, well here is a reality check EstSoft.


How to level up your cabal2 guild

Oh, and you can unlock guild inventory pages with cabal2 alz if I remember right.You can level up your guild by leveling up yourself while you are in the guild.

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