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Hey guys MrGalaxy from TangDynasty here. There are a lot of people whining about the patch and spreading doom and dispare.

The State of the Cabal 2

Hey guys MrGalaxy from TangDynasty here. There are a lot of people whining about the patch and spreading doom and dispare. I would like to try to share some information to those with an OPEN mind, the state of the game before they form their opinion on the patch.


1) Getting geared up:

Currently it takes about 4-7 days to hit lvl 40 with moderate play time. With the current difficulty of the game, any experienced MMORPG player, or a player being guided by more experienced players can either run Lantana for gear with level 30-39 gear from quests, or buy Eastwood gear with daily conquest reward points. Once a player has either of these they can run SG or HC with I'd say moderate difficulty at the most if they know the mechanics of the bosses. Now, they get their SG set bonuses and SG becomes vastly easier to run and they can start clearing in 30-40 minutes getting more and more SG gear. After a few days the player has all of his SG gear with good stats and even some Unchangeable. The player now begins to sell 70-90% of the gear he/she gets in SG, which has COMPLETELY saturated the market FULL of gear that any fresh level 40 can now buy with $10-$50 of all buying. Which can make 3-7 days of SG runs be counteracted with a few minutes of purchasing gear. As you can see neither option is DRASTICALLY hard to achieve and neither is that amazing of an accomplishment. Players will simply run out of content before any lvl cap increase is released. The progression is simply too easy, especially for a Korean MMO. This is why they removed Easy Mode and are making the dungeons more difficult. People might have to farm GOOD lantana gear and put some money into it to get into SG now, which I think is a great idea, meaning you can't skip to the "hardest" dungeon immediately after hitting 40. I personally hope they add the Challenge Mode that drops Orange gear.


2) Cash Shop

Currently the cash shop is buggy as hell. You cannot buy more than one of the same item otherwise it will charge you but only give 1 of the item.(This personally happened to me with the Sharphorn pet and it charged me 3x when I only wanted 2, 1 for me, 1 for a friend.) This is a major issue. Now they are making all the cash shop items account bounded. This will only hurt the games revenue and should be reconsidered. There is no gifting system and now all the legitimate players that want to sell cash shop items for alz will resort to gold spammers, which hurts EST and the game. Also, it hurts the players that don't have credit cards or the money to spend and want to buy nice costumes or pets or mounts with alz. There is no winner in doing this, unless it is being done to stabilize the economy.


3) Mounts and Pets

Currently there are two major problems with mounts and pets. The first is the lack of Pet Food in the game. Currently on each ACCOUNT you can only get 1 Pet Food from an achievement. I personally have 2 characters, one has a Polar Bear, the other a Sharphorn. Currently only the Polar Bear has a slot because I have no way to get Pet food for either of my pets, rendering them purely cosmetic unless I buy a 30 day completely RNG box that has a CHANCE of giving me Pet Food. I suggest making Pet Food have a 1-5% chance on dropping from Mobs in SG, and allow it to be traded. With mounts the problem is that the Stone Sant has more speed than even the cash shop mounts. This is a problem as people who want to look cool on their mount, don't want to use them in Battlegrounds or other places because they are slower. However, I don't agree with cash shop mounts being faster either, as now players have no in game method to buy them and would be at a P2W disadvantage to cash shop pet owners in Battlegrounds. I suggest making the Sant have 60% bonus move speed to match the cash shop mounts.


4) Battlegrounds

I can't put much in here right now as I haven't done very many BG's. However I can confirm FS that stack Def are nearly unkillable. Battlegrounds definitely need some kind of noteworthy reward for completing them, because currently no one PvPs because it does not help their progression in any way, and will be crushed by the group of veterans that do actively run BG's.


5) Crafting

There is a giant window being opened up for crafted level 40 gear. I bet most of you didn't even know there was level 40 purple gear crafted by other players. Why haven't you heard of it? Because the market is oversaturated with SG equips. Now players can craft and sell gear with good stats on the auction house for those who still wish to be lazy and buy their gear. However, I would like to see recipes drop more frequently as currently they are going for 100-400M as they are a super rare drop.


7) Enhancements

Although cores and refurbish kits drop quite often, I would like to see level 50 enhancements in the conquest/abysmo store. They should cost a lot of points, but enable people to get maybe 1-2 extra for grinding out dungeons or abysmos all day. Soon enhancements will most likely inflate in price as they will be the primary purchase with gear being mostly removed, making this a way to balance the economy of enhancements out.


8) Content:

The game is currently lacking big time in the PvE and PvP department content wise. It is too easy to clear SG and get fully geared in my opinion in comparison to other games. The sense of achievement is very degraded due to this. Also, there is no big incentive for PvP. No great rewards, no factions or nation buffs, nothing. I would at the very least like to get a box for doing PvP and winning that would RNG give us cores, refurb kits, scrolls, potions, Alz, etc. that would be a good incentive to do more PvP.


If I forgot anything I apologize, please leave your opinions in the comment, but please keep it civilized. I will edit and add to this topic if I remember/get pointed out something I missed. Please have patience and enjoy the game!

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