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I have a non-slotted ring of the same stats Crit Accuracy (226), Healing Power (24), and Evasion (256), which I had bought for 600k few days ago.

Two-Slot Trinkets VS High-Stat Non-Slot

Now honestly I wasn't trying to low ball or anything but I put in 1mil for that accessory. Seller let me know he already has a 7mil offer.


But the stats were sub-par Crit Accuracy (210), Healing Power (16), and Evasion (196), and Acc (low, which i didnt care for as a Priest)


I have a non-slotted ring of the same stats Crit Accuracy (226), Healing Power (24), and Evasion (256), which I had bought for 600k few days ago.


Even if I placed evasion force cores in the 2-slot accessory, it would only make it slightly better than the non-slot version I have. I've even seen worse where stats are on the order of 130~160 range.


but people buy 2slots and then reroll the secondary stats and try to get 5stats.Not only that but 2slots drops from bosses in sg and hc is very hard and rare.In party if it does drop then u have a 1/6th chance on dice so yea...the rarity...If u want to add slot extenders to make it 2slot then well... that is expensive as sh*t,to make that item 2slot it will cost over 20mil.2slots are overated because if u want to be the best then u will need that.U have like 18 gear/acc items and say if they are all 1slot then u can get like 1k crit acc more provided i slot all with crit acc,but all 2slot will have 2k crit acc,difference of 1k crit acc which is big in pvp.


So to conclude people get 2slot gears because its cheaper than making the 2slots with slot extenders and u can use infinite refurbish to reroll the stats u want..Your item may be better now but in the long run the 2slot one will benefit.Also his item is probably a item in a set piece so like having 3 heavenely acc on gives the set piece bonus which is good.Hope it helps and any more questions feel free to ask.

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