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Didn’t have a chance to check out the action this weekend? Then come get caught up on what happened during ucabal2 Weekly #16!T...

ucabal2 EU/NA Weekly #16 Recap and highlight video

Didn’t have a chance to check out the action this weekend? Then come get caught up on what happened during GosuGamers Weekly #16!

This round of Weeklies was full of great games! The EU side of things was full of the top teams showing why they are the best, with REUNITED coming out on top. On the NA side, nubris took home first place but the rest of the field was full of surprises! If you didn’t have a chance to catch the matches, be sure to check out the VODs on GosuGamers Overwatch YouTube channel or take a look at the highlight video below!

EU Weekly #16 Event Hub | EU VODs

The main story of the EU Weekly has to be the ever widening gap between the best teams and the rest of the teams. The top four ended up just how we expected, with REUNITED securing first place, followed by Misfits, 2sTroNk, and SG-1 to round out the top four. REUNITED seems to have bounced back from dropping 2Easy and picking up Ryb a few weeks ago as they have now taken back the crown as the best EU team, albeit by just a single point in the GosuGamers rankings. They dropped only one game over the course of their six matches this weekend and they looked as dominant as their record suggests.

REUNITED, Misfits, 2sTroNk, and SG-1 were a cut above the rest of the competition as demonstrated not only by their finish, but by their record. As mentioned before, REUNITED finished the day with six wins and no losses. Misfits finished with four wins and two losses, both to REUNITED. 2sTroNk had a similar story as they finished with four wins and two losses, both to Misfits. And SG-1 had the same record, with their two losses coming against REUNITED and 2sTroNk. We can also include Melty eSports in the conversation as their two losses came against 2sTroNk and SG-1. These five teams were the best five teams in this Weekly, and they proved that they are just on a different level then the rest of the field. 

NA Weekly #16 Event Hub | NA VODs 

The NA Weekly was filled with a lot more surprises than the EU Weekly, but at the end of the day it was nubris who finished on top. They were the favorites going in and they didn’t disappoint. nubris won all seven of their matches and dropped only one game during the entire Weekly. Their competition in the finals was a bit of a surprise though, as 1SHOT was able to make it not only to the winner’s bracket finals, but also to the grand finals.

There were a few surprise teams in this weekly, but 1SHOT was probably the biggest of the bunch. They were able to take down everyone they faced except for the eventual champions, nubris. Their competition was nothing to scoff at, as they finished the day with wins against Clutch, WEUNITED, Melty eSports, and Selfless. The fifth/sixth place teams, Sea Algae and 1sun, were also a bit unexpected. 1sun’s finish was especially surprising, not only because they are a Chinese team playing on NA servers, but because they were able to take down three top fifty teams (Clutch, SLoWMoTioN, and Street Hoops). 

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