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Est had a great opportunity to make a GREAT game into a greater game. They really done **** up lol. This isn't even a minor **** up... This is to the level of stomping on communities opinions and throwing it at their face.

You the cabal 2 game is over when

Est had a great opportunity to make a GREAT game into a greater game. They really done **** up lol. This isn't even a minor **** up... This is to the level of stomping on communities opinions and throwing it at their face.


Sometimes its hard to accept "the customer is always right" but when it involves you making money and improving the satisfaction of your customers which nets you more money... Then it's a very important rule of thumb.


The company has literally throw thousands of dollars down the drain. I'm pretty sure thousands of dollars worth of customers left the game. This don't concern me but it's something to think about.


What makes this change so unbelievably bad isn't so much that they changed the non-binded gear. It's a stack of bugs and performance issues and spammers. These problems aren't minor but aren't deal breakers either. But then you have EST trying to increase difficulty of dungeons. Dungeons that you can barely even play cause the FPS is so low. We're talking about 10-20 fps inside of dungeons. Thats nearly unplayable.


Then you have gear. People can't even find a party to grind their gear so their alternative was to farm lower level dungeons or world monsters to gain alz so they have the opportunity to purchase decent gear that other players farmed in HC/SG/LATANA. This one is a huge problem. Till this day i don't even know what the inside of sg/hc looks like because 8 hours daily of spamming isn't enough to get DPS into a sg/hc run. This problem applies to me a lot and im sure plenty of others. I farmed world monsters for my alz to buy SG/HC gear. I now own a full set. The stats are terrible but at least now I dont die in 2 hits. Think this one alone scared off the majority of the people who can't manage to get into SG/HC.


The game has too many bugs and hurtles that makes it difficult to enjoy in the stage it is at now. Now it's impossible. What they could have done is made bind gear after they brought in the lvl 50 gear. That way by then we had a decent set from sg/hc for us to grind higher lvls. And also it would have been smarter because by then your consistent players are probably too deep into the game to just say they will quit. Their approach was really poorly thought out. Masses disagreed with this patch and they didn't give it any consideration. They just patched it up anyways.


With this new updates I'm going to have to wait 2 years just to find a SG party so I can farm junk gear with poor stats lol. That part of the patch was frustrating.


Another major problem is the constant crashes/DC's. Combos... can't combo in dungeons to save your life because again, FPS is total garbage.

Personally, I dont think you guys were in any position to do whatever the **** you wanted. Why? Well because your game in its current states has WAYYYYY too many bugs and glitches and its nearly unplayable. If the game were at top notch level as far as performance then the drop in people most likely wouldn't have been as dramatic. I compare this move to the type of character you see often. You know those hideous looking girls who think they are hot as **** and their standards are unrealistic? Thats what i see when EST pulled this stunt.


Can't say people didn't try or people didn't speak their minds. I tried giving the game a shot. Played it non stop for the first 2 weeks. The staff that are in charge of whether this patch is released or not made a huge mistake. Not going to blame the entire company cause thats unrealistic. But whoever gave the go for this patch seriously ruined the game for the players and probably for the developers and the people trying to make a living off the game.


GL to the company. Haven't played the game in.. idk... a week, more or less. Didn't even try to patch up my game or log in cause the idea of binded gear makes me cringe.

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