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ucabal2 - House of the Dying Sun is out of Early Access


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  • @ Custorm
    250 M Cabal2 ALZ
    I have used this service a lot and haven't ever had any trouble. Awesome service, keep up the good work! Jul/20/2017 16:39:20
  • @ Custorm
    45 M Cabal2 ALZ
    Wow GREAT service not gonna lie first time using and was nervous about using this site but the staff is friendly and reply quick got my fire cape in 2 hours less than i espected awesome site will use for next purchase Jul/20/2017 15:12:56
  • @ Custorm
    25 M MU Legend Zen
    Amazing service all the time, have purchased from them multiple times. Never has taken more then 10Minutes and that is rare! They're a great service.. Jul/20/2017 14:57:13
  • @ Custorm
    70 M Cabal2 ALZ
    i ordered 2000m gold and i got it in 49 minutes =). keep up the great work Jul/20/2017 07:03:08
  • @ Ryan
    25 M Cabal2 ALZ
    Bought powerleveling for my attack and Def an a extra 6mil to go with it.took about 4 days.thank you Website! Jul/19/2017 16:06:14
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